savior pt. 3- v.c

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savior pt.3 - v.c

""You're drunk Vada, just try to get some sleep... Okay?" You so badly wanted to confess your feelings for her in return, but you doubted it was just the alcohol talking. Or she had some sort of feelings after the shooting.

"Fine," she groaned, resting an arm over your waist. "Just so you know, I meant what I said." "


You sleepily opened your eyes to see Vada sliding out of bed. She put her palm over her forehead and exited the room quickly towards the bathroom, closing the door swiftly behind her.

You sat up slowly, rubbing your eyes to wake yourself up. You pushed the blanket off of you and rose to your feet, following Vada's path. You knocked quietly on the door - trying to not startle her.

"Hey... You alright in there?" You spoke softly.

"I'm fine. Jesus Christ." Vada snapped back at you.

"Vada - I just-" You began, but Vada cut you off.

"I'm fine!" Her voice rose. "Stop hovering over me just because of the shooting!"

You frowned, trying to not take her words to heart. You know she's going through a lot right now; as are you. You stayed silent, resting your shoulder against the doorframe.

"I should've fucking died." You heard Vada mutter to herself before you hear her gag, followed by her vomiting into the toilet. A quiet cry slipped from Vada's mouth. She put her hand over her mouth to muffle any other cries.

A warm tear ran down the side of your face hearing Vada speak those words. You continued to wait by the door until you heard the shower start.

Heartbroken, you made your way back to Vada's room - Where you made her bed and gathered a change of clothes for her to leave outside the bathroom door. You left them folded neatly right outside the door for her to change into.

You went downstairs and cleaned the kitchen; tossing the empty Grey Goose vodka bottle into the recycling bin.

Assuming Vada had a killer hangover, you decided to prep some breakfast. You cooked a simple breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, and a side of ibuprofen. You had low hopes that Vada would eat this - but you might as well try.

While wrapping up, you heard the shower turn off. You hoped to God that Vada wasn't going to be upset you decided to stay. You plated the food and poured a glass of orange juice.

While placing her plate on the table, you heard footsteps coming down the stairs. You turned to see Vada dressed in the sweatpants and t-shirt you grabbed for her.

The whites of her eyes were bloodshot as if she had been crying. Under her eyes were sunken in and tired. She bit down on her lip as your eyes met hers and her eyes welled with tears. Broken, she stood frozen as the tears continued to flood her eyes.

Your eyes softened and you took a few steps toward Vada. "C'mere," you muttered before wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her into your chest.

Her dampened hair wet your shirt, and you pulled her in even closer. A muffled soft cry vibrated against your chest. "I'm sorry."

"You have nothing, and I mean nothing, to be sorry about, Vada," you spoke slowly. A tear threatens to drip from your eyes.

After a few moments of silence, she pulled herself away from you, her bottom lip quivering as she looked up at you.

You caressed her cheek softly. You hated seeing such a sweet girl be this sad. It made your chest hurt, and there was nothing you could do to fix her.

"We'll get through this, okay?" You spoke shakily.

Vada closed her eyes in thought, then opened them, her pupils dilated as her eyes met yours.

"I need to tell you something, y/n." She blurted. "And- And since I never know when my last moments will be, I need you to know now."

Your face went blank, unsure of what she was about to say. You nodded once, encouraging her to proceed.

She took a deep breath. "I know we've known each other a while, and-and... I know we sometimes tease each other but..." she sighed. "I just - I think I love you. I've loved you for a long time..." Vada looked down at the floor, beginning to feel embarrassed, but proceeded. "And I was so... fucking scared when you left that bathroom, y/n. All I could think was that you died and I was never able to tell you..."

"... I know, V." The threatening tear slipped from your glossy eyes, leaving your cheek glistening.

"...What?" Vada looked up at you quickly from the floor, her face was also wetted with tears.

You grinned softly, letting a small giggle escape your lips. Of course, she doesn't remember.

"You told me last night, Grey Goose," you said, keeping a small grin on your face.

Vada's face was flustered. You could tell she felt embarrassed, but also nervous you didn't feel the same. You noticed her insecurity and leaned in slowly, pressing your lips to hers softly for a brief moment; her lips somewhat salty from the tears that had run down her face.

"And if that wasn't obvious enough, I feel the same way about you, Vads."

Vada's eyes widened in shock - but not in a bad way. A small smile tugged at her lips, and she hid her face by pulling herself back into your chest.

"There's that smile," you muttered quietly, wrapping your arms around her.

You felt so lucky to have Vada by your side at this moment, and confessing your feelings for each other just made this feel... easier. The two of you knew healing from the shooting was going to be near impossible - but you were going to overcome it. Together.


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