blacked out pt.2 - j.o

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blacked out pt. 2 - j.o

"You turned to face the small figure behind you when you realized there was a girl in bed with you, the only thing covering her was her black lace bra and panties. You looked down at yourself and noticed you were also in just your bra and underwear. 

Your eyes trailed up her body and you took notice of dark pigmented marks trailing along the girl's neck and collarbone. Hickeys. After studying her face for a moment - you realized you were in bed with Jenna fucking Ortega."


Your heart was racing 100 miles per hour, you focused on keeping your breaths slow, careful to not wake Jenna in her slumber. The glare from the sun shined down on her perfectly, illuminating the caramel highlights of her hair and the tiny freckles that dotted across her face.

You found yourself staring at her in a trance, your face heated up once the floodgates broke and all of your memories from last night resurfaced.

last night

You felt your body fall into what felt like a cloud. You opened your eyes and looked around confused. A man, who was Jenna's bodyguard, carried you into the room and plopped you onto her bed, per her instruction.

"Thanks, Joe." She gave him a grin and a nod, and he exited the room and closed the door behind him.

"Now what am I going to do with you?" She tripped while walking towards the bed, sending her body to land directly on top of yours.

A small grunt was forced from your chest with the unexpected weight that had just landed on you. Locks of coconut-scented wavy brown hair covered your face, and before you could move them yourself, the girl was beginning to pull herself away.

"I'm sorry." She slurred quietly, the light smell of whiskey tainting her breath. She looked down as she pulled herself away then paused when her eyes trained on yours. She sucked in a small breath of air as if her breath was taken away.

You silently kept your gaze on hers, she is the most prettiest girl you've ever seen. Your eyes trailed to her lips then back to her eyes.

For a moment, you thought she was going to lean in and kiss you, but she shook her head and pulled herself away from you. She knew you wanted it, but didn't want to take advantage of you in this state. "You're blacked out, y/n." She knew your name from finding your ID in your wallet. "And you don't even know me." Her heart thudded strongly against her chest, beginning to feel sad.

"If I was blacked out, I wouldn't be able to do this." You sat up slightly, wrapping your arms around the girl's torso and pulling her body back to yours, you flipped your bodies over so you were now on top of her. You put your legs on either side of her hips, sitting comfortably, feeling the heat of her through your jeans. "Let me get to know you then."

Jenna looked up at you with wide doe-eyes, taken by surprise by your actions. A smirk appeared on her face as she slipped her hand around your back and under your shirt, she pulled you down, sending your lips crashing into hers. She kept her lips parted while kissing you, inviting you to deepen the kiss. You did just that by slipping your tongue into her mouth, resulting in her moaning against your mouth.

You broke the kiss for just a moment so Jenna could lift your shirt from your body. Once it was off you were drawn back to her like a magnet, your mouth finding its way to her neck. You bit her supple skin gently, driving her into a spiral as moans escaped her lips.

Just when things were starting to heat up, your thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice.

"Hey. Feeling okay?" Her voice spoke softly, raspy from sleep. She reached her hand over to your arm and brushed over it.

You startled slightly, breaking out from your reminisce of last night, and your eyes fluttered quickly. Your face heated up almost instantly. "... Y-Yeah, I'm okay." You swallowed hard, beginning to feel embarrassed by everything. "I-I can go if you want." Feeling a sense of panic, you started to push blankets off you but Jenna grabbed your wrist lightly to halt you.

"Don't go." She frowned, keeping her fingers wrapped around your wrist. "We should talk," she sighed "about last night." She finished.

You turned back to face her. "I remember it," you confirmed. "You saved me, thank you. But I'm sorry about..." you fell silent as you looked down at her bare body and hickeys.

"I'm not sorry, y/n." She quickly replied. "It was the best night of my life," she admitted, blush beginning to show on her cheeks.

You couldn't believe the words that just came from Jenna's mouth, she didn't regret last night? Many emotions were overcoming you at once, you weren't sure how to respond.

"You don't feel the same." She said disappointingly, her fingers sliding away from your wrist.

"No, that's not it." You replied, already missing her touch. "I do. I really fucking do. But you're Jenna Ortega, and I'm just y/n."

"That doesn't mean anything." She sat herself up, placing a hand on your thigh. Her touch sent electricity pulsing through your veins. "I'd really like to get to know you more if you'd grant me the time, y/n" Her fingers tightened their grip on your thigh, anxious for your response.

You placed your hand on top of hers, interlacing your fingers with hers. Jenna's hand dampened yours with nervous sweat.

"I'd love that."


a/n: omg omg thank u all so much for 100k reads! i'm super thankful for all the love you have shown this story and i hope you continue to enjoy it <3

p.s sorry if this part sucked idk, i wasn't totally happy w it but i had some writer's block for sure,

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