slipped away - j.o

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slipped away - j.o

listen to: august by taylor swift


Jenna lay there in your white bedsheets, sleeping peacefully as the golden glow of the sunrise illuminated her face. You lay next to her, admiring her features. Her hair is spread out on your pillows flawlessly, you can't understand how someone could be this perfect.

You grazed the backside of your hand on her cheekbone and down her jawline gently, a small sigh escaping your lips. Your admiration quickly turned to sadness, you knew all of this was wrong. But you couldn't resist her.

You had just experienced one of the best nights of your life with Jenna, there's no denying that. Yet, you were still full of guilt.

Jenna has a girlfriend, and it isn't you.

Jenna comes to you after every disagreement she and her current girlfriend has; you were always left hoping it was the last of them so she could finally be yours. But alas, the endless cycle continues.

Your thoughts were interrupted by Jenna stirring awake next to you, you quickly close your eyes to pretend you're asleep.

Jenna looks over at you with softened brown eyes, her lips curling into a grin. She brings her hand to your cheek and rubs it with your thumb. "Beautiful girl," she whispers under her breath and she leans in and plants a kiss on your forehead.

You opened your eyes and glanced up at her, your heart racing a thousand miles a minute. "Hey," you grumbled sleepily. You quickly realized the girl was still in her lingerie from last night's affair.

You wrapped your arms around her waist, pulled her body to yours, and smashed your lips to hers. She let out a breathy moan against your lips as she continued to kiss you back, her arms wrapping around your shoulders.

Before things could escalate further, she pulled her lips from yours, breathing heavily. She checked her phone and saw the time.

"Shit, I have to go," she says.

You felt your heart begin to crumble, as it did every time she has to leave.

"Are you sure...?" You asked, looking up at her with saddened eyes. You've told her before how badly you longed for her to be yours, and for her to just break up with her girlfriend.

She caressed your cheek and nodded once. "I'm sorry... It's just... Emma, she's waiting-"

"Yeah, I get it," you cut her off. You couldn't help but feel frustrated that she was so quick to prioritize Emma over you, yet she was going behind Emma's back to be with you.

She leaned in and pecked your lips and gave you a half smile. "Thank you... You always know how to make it better," she praised, her smile growing bigger.

You fake smiled back at her, fighting back the tears that were threatening to make their appearance.

Jenna quickly slipped out of bed. She got herself dressed in the clothes she wore yesterday, a black sweatshirt and grey sweatpants. She ripped her car keys off of the nightstand and blew you a kiss goodbye and she quickly left.

You allowed your tears to fall once you heard her car drive away. You pulled the comforter up onto you, nuzzling your face into it to soak up Jenna's scent before it fades away.

And the cycle begins again. Constantly canceling plans, just in case Jenna would call to see you, only for her to never call. You never knew how long it would be until you heard from her again - it could range from weeks to months.

The moments you shared with her slipped away to just memories. Whenever she leaves, it feels like you had lost her.

But she was never yours to lose.


a/n: i thought of this while listening to the song above ugh it's so good but sad. also guys omg thank you so much for 10k votes, i never thought this would get all the love it has. i love u all so much. <3

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