ocean eyes - j.o

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ocean eyes - j.o

*y/n has blue eyes in this*


Things just didn't work between you and Jenna. You both loved each other dearly, you tried everything. With opposite schedules and different paths in life, you both felt it wasn't fair to both of you to keep the relationship going. It destroyed the two of you to come to terms with this decision.


You held Jenna in a tight embrace, never wanting to let go because it was one of the last hugs you two would share. Her tears wet your chest as you held onto her. Warm tears flooded down your face, matching hers.

"I wish we didn't have to do this," you mumbled shakily against the top of her head, planting a kiss on it.

"Me too," she said sniffling. She pulled away slightly from your embrace to look up into your eyes.

Your blue eyes glistened from the tears that flooded them. Jenna cracked a smile as she looked into them.

She used one of her thumbs to wipe under your eye. "You're so beautiful, even when sad," she sucked in a shaky breath. "My ocean-eyed girl... I'll always think of you whenever I think of the ocean." Her bottom lip quivered as she fought back the cries.

Though you could feel your heart physically breaking, you gave a small smile. Leaning down, you planted one last kiss on Jenna's lips, hoping to never forget the feeling.

end flashback

It was now a year later, Jenna's career took off and you couldn't be more proud of her. She's getting booked for many projects, nominated for awards, and appearing in many interviews.

Though you were no longer a couple - you continued to be her biggest supporter. From watching "Wednesday" at home to going out to the theaters to see "Scream VI"  on the big screen, you were sure to not miss a beat.

With this, comes your entire "for you" page on TikTok being Jenna-related.

A new clip from an interview appeared on your for you page, where they opened up the floor so fans could ask Jenna questions.

"I have time for one more question," Jenna says, her legs crossed and microphone in hand. She smiled at the small girl that raised her hand for a question.

"Um, hi Jenna, I was wondering what's something that brings you happiness?" The young girl said, gripping the microphone with both hands.

"The ocean," Jenna said without hesitating. "It will always be the ocean." Jenna nodded and pursed her lips together tightly, for a moment there was a twinkle in her eyes, which she wiped away almost instantly. She gave a smile to the girl and raised from her seat, waving goodbye to the crowd before quickly making her exit. You noticed she continued wiping her eyes as she walked away.

Your heart pounded against your ribcage hearing her speak. Tears pricked your eyes. You knew she was thinking about you. You felt a warmness in your chest knowing that you will always hold a special place in Jenna's heart.


a/n: a v short imagine. i saw a quote like this on tiktok and wanted to do something with it.

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