Chapter 38

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Bellamy's POV

At dusk Kane interrupts my blissful sleep for my regular guard duty. Despite my aching hangover, I get up and grab my weapon. Even though we have no known enemies, new threats could arise at any minute. The forest is tranquil and still. On the busy days I want nothing more than to run through the forest with my ever expanding family. If I has my way I'd move back to the dropship. But ties like family, friends and jobs keep us here. Maybe one day when we are free of responsibilities, Clarke and I will move to my secret hut in the forest or back to the drop ship.

My mind empties of thoughts and I stand, caught in my dream like a fish in a net. Suddenly, a shout echoes through the air. By the entrance of the ark, Jaha stands holding a gun above his head. My finger instinctively reaches for the trigger.
"Tholonieous, what are you doing?" Abby shouts.
"Your not the rightful chancellor and I won't let you put that status to shame Abby", he shouts back. Ever since he got back from the city if light, Jaha hasn't been the same. Most of his time is spent in a restricted part of the ark, reserved for crazy people. He's constantly mumbling about a missile, nobody knows what it means.
Anyway, the dude is definately unstable.

"Now Abby, you and Kane will follow me into the ark, alone. Or I will kill an innocent". Without hesitation, the new chancellor- my mother in law- walks into the drop ship with her other half. I run forward to stop them but Miller holds me back. At that moment, Clarke walks out of medical and shouts.
"Mum! Jaha what's wrong with you?!" The unstable man just smiles, then follows his hostages into the ark. With a metallic klunk, the door is closed. Shock settles in camp. No one knows quite what to do and with no leader to instruct people, they stay frozen in place.
"Someone run and get the grounders. Sergeant Miller, gather some men and meet me by the armoury. Everyone else, stay back". The words tumble out of my mouth. Before I know it, people are following my instructions and I ran for Clarke who was just staring at the door. I take her hand and drag her to the armoury. A crowd of the 100 and some guards have gathered.
"What's the plan, guys?" Miller asks Clarke and I.
"I assume Jaha wasnt working alone, someone had to let him out. So we need and alternative way to get in. Then a small group will force them out where a crowd will be waiting to arrest them", Clarke tells them.
"If it doesn't work and he starts killing hostages? What then?", a voice in the exclaims.
"Then we kill them", she says in a serious tone. Her eyes flick to mine and I give her a sad smile. The group murmurs.
"Raven, Find a way in. The rest of you, arm yourself and wait for the grounders," I shout. Quiet clicking follows as guns are loaded and checked. After she's collected her pistol, Clarke follows Raven. I take the role of organising the groups. The strongest are selected for the infiltrating group, but most are needed for the arrest group. Myself, Millers senior and junior, O, Lincoln and Clarke are the group going inside. Raven found a panel at the back that leads to air vents throughout the ark. But in a building that big, finding Jaha and the hostages will take time. Seconds feel like minutes and minutes feel like hours but the grounders won't hurry up. Everyone is on edge. An hour after the takeover, Clarke explodes.
"That's it, I'm going in there. Who needs the grounders. Everyone get ready!" She instructs everyone. Like a woman on a mission, Clarke leads the pack to the panel.
A some jiggling, it comes loose and evertone crawls insichaos, As soon as we enter, we can hear shouts and screams. Our movements becomes quicker as the screams get louder. When we are near, I kick the vent cover and drop down, closely followed by Clarke. In the communal room, several people are tied up. Abby and Kane lay on the floor covered in blood. Somehow, we are spotted and bullets hit the wall by my head. The hostages look terrified and I need to get over there to free them. But I'm pinned down by gunfire. Miller and I are given a moments grace to move forward while they reload. Over turning a table gives us cover to start fighting back. In the chaos, Abby and Kane are hauled out of the room by Jaha and that son of a bitch Murphy. I keep shooting, hoping to hit as many people as I can. The shooting stops and Clarke runs after her mum. I hear a scream and chase after her. At first I see Princess slumped on the floor crying. Then I see the bodies.
Kane and Abby, hand in hand, with bullet wounds in their heads.

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