Bellamy's POV

All dressed and ready, I lead the others up the stairs and out of the bunker. Fresh sea air fills my lungs and sunlight blinds me. We start walking into the forest on our left. Immediately we spot small hoof imprints in the mud. Deer, I think. Lincoln leads the way following the tracks. Suddenly, he holds up his hand signalling us to stop. A huge stag is leaning down to drink. After a whistle, the stag falls to the ground with a spear in its side. Turning my head, O has a huge smile on her face. She jumps over a log and goes to the animals side.
"Yu gonplei ste odon." She utters. Once its dead, we each grab a leg and haul this magnificent animal back to the bunker. After dropping the corpse in the kitchen we all change into lighter clothing and race to the sea. The girls get worried when Lincoln and I swim out really far. We find it so funny we pretend to drown. O and Clarke didn't find it as funny as we did. As darkness falls, we are still out on the beach. While O and Lincoln splash in the water, I join Clarke on a towel on the sand.
"Hey. How do you like our honeymoon?" I ask.
"I love it. Having Octavia and Lincoln here makes it even better." She responds, resting her head on my shoulder. During a comfortable silence we just look at the stars.
"When do we have to go back home?"
"Your mum said 3 days, but we'll stay here tomorrow night and then leave", I tell her. She nods and looks back up at the stars. When the night gets colder, we all go back inside. Clarke and O work together to cook the deer and afterwards we eat it curled up on the sofa. After hours of talking, we go to our rooms and sleep.
The next morning we eat and decide to walk on the beach front. Its a beautiful day and the sun beats down on us. A hill lays ahead of us. At its peak, we stare at what lays beneath. Miles of junk. Metal, plastic, wood. Once the shock wears off, we run into the heap picking up anything that looks useful. I take a slower approach, studying the piles for anything. Looking to my side, I stupidly walk into a large black tyre. Its a tractor. Sitting on its seat, I find the key still in the ignition. After twisting it several times, the engine splutters to life. My group converges on the sound. Octavia carrying some walkie talkies and what looks like a microwave; Clarke and Lincoln carrying one end of a sofa each.
"It works?!" Exclaims Lincoln. We load our collection on the back and drive to the bunker. The wind flowing through my hair is an incredible feeling. No wonder everyone drove 97 years ago. Its so much easier than walking. For the remainder of the day, Lincoln and I bond while fixing and tinkering with the tractor. When we are done, she purrs like a kitten and I have learnt a lot about my future brother in law. Walking back into the bunker, the scent of cooked meat fills my nostrils. Once we've eaten, we get an early night before leaving tomorrow.

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