Bellamy's POV

I join Miller and Jasper on the frontline, just before the fence. Sheets of bullets streak through the air, just missing me. I look back and see a flash of blonde hair. Clarke is helping a wounded man walk out of danger. Turning back, I pull the trigger and watch as 2 wastelanders collapse. 2 down - 18 to go. Suddenly, Miller cries out, holding his leg.
"Miller your hit. Fall back", I yell at him. He hobbles backwards but he's struggling. Before I help him myself, Clarke is by his side. Knowing he's safe with princess means I focus my attention back on the wastelanders.Its kill or be killed. With dwindling numbers, our enemy begin to panic. Seconds later I see a rocket fly through the air. My eyes follow it until it lands by my feet. And the next thing I know I've been thrown back. Pain sears across my chest and I scream out in agony. I look down and see the blood pooling on my ribs. I close my eyes and hope to wake up like this was a dream. But its not.
"Bellamy! Oh god no!". Abby is by my side. She rips my shirt to see the injuries beneath. To me it just looks like small cuts, but god it hurts.
"Bellamy you've been hit by Shrapnel. Help!", she calls.
Jasper appears carrying a stretcher. I cry out in pain as Jasper and Abby carry my stretcher into the medical tent. Immediately, Clarke runs to me.
" Bellamy! Its gunna be okay!", she says as tears begin to stream down her face.
"Its gunna take more than a few cuts to get rid of me, princess", I reassure her through gritted teeth. She stifles a laugh and holds my hand as I drift into darkness.

*The next morning*

When I wake Clarke is still next to me, her head resting on my knee. I take a minute to check myself over. The blood on my chest has scabbed over and is very uncomfortable. Sleeping on a thin mattress all night has killed my back and there is a small cut on my head from where I was thrown back.
" You broke a rib too", Miller whispers, as if he read my mind. I never realised he was next to me.
"How your leg?".
" Better than your chest, I suspect", he answers. I laugh, which hurts like hell. Clarke lifts her head, looking rather annoyed.
"Sorry to break up this bromance, but I need to check both your injuries".
For the next few moments she busy's herself poking, prodding and re-bandaging our wounds. Once she was done, she left and brought back food for both me and Miller.
" Thanks Princess", we both said in unison. She told us to rest and then left to clean up the mess from last nights fight.
"So what do we do now?" Miller asked, mischeiviously raising his eyebrows.

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