Clarke's POV

Around lunchtime, my mum walks into my tent.
"Clarke, your needed in medical." I roll over and scowl at her.
"Sshh. Inside voices." She laughs loudly making my head pound even more. Nudging Bellamy, I decide to leave him rather than wake him up. I get out of bed and realise I slept in my dress last night. Peeling it off is hard on my own, soAbby helps. I change into normal clothes and follow my mum to the medical tent.
For the rest of the day me and my mum busy ourselves patching up the usual injuries. Cuts, scrapes, sprains. It isn't until the hunting groups get back that it gets more interesting. Then people come back with a break or two. Maybe even a knife or arrow wound. I know its bad wishing for bad fortune on people, but working in medical can be a little boring.
Once the hunters were all patched up, Abby says I can go home. After quickly checking on Lottie, I flop onto the bed and sleep. But I don't.
In my dreams, I see everyone I've ever killed. Finn, Charlotte, the grounders, the mountain men and the wastelanders. All of them stalk towards me like prey. Unexpectedly, they saunter past. I turn around to see Bellamy and Lottie standing in the path of the crowd. I try to shout at them to move, but everything is silent. I must watch the people I care for most in the world, struck down and killed by people who died at my hand. All the dead turn back to me, but I don't care. I let them stab, punch and kill me. I can't live without Bell and Lottie. Strangely, someone starts shaking my arm. "Clarke wake up!" Bellamy shouts, ripping me from the nightmare. Opening my eyes, I see Octavia and Bell looking down on me, concern plastered on their faces. I sit up a d realise I was crying.
"What?" I ask.
"You were screaming. We could hear you on the other side of camp." Octavia replies.
Was I really that loud? Bellamy pulls me into a hug and I squeeze him tight. I see him nod to Octavia and she leaves. Once she has left, I breakdown in Bellamy's arms.

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