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Clarke's POV

With Bellamy stuck in medical, I haven't really had much to do. Most of the time he's been bedridden, I've been helping clean up after the attack. Soon after Bellamy got hurt, the wastelanders were all dead. But there's one thing I can't shake from my mind and its not the dead. The sight of Bellamy laying lifeless in the medical bay is imprinted on my mind. Without him, I don't know what I'd do. I need him just as much as he need's me. And right now more than ever.


Yeseterday night I slept in the tent Bellamy and I share. But in the morning, I was wide awake hurling my guts up into a bucket. Mum heard me and came to my aid. But her diagnosis shocked me. She looked me over and said,
"Clarke, you're pregnant!" Abby states in disbelief. What?! Me and Bellamy had only done it once. It can't have happened that quickly. For a moment I can't breathe.
"Who's is it?" Mum asks.
"Bell's... I- I have to see him". Turning I walk towards the medical tent. I'm pregnant. What am I going to do? Could I be a leader and a mother? These questions swirl in my head and before I know it, I'm outside the med tent. I force my feet to move forward, into the unknown. Who knows how Bellamy will react. Now inside I look to where Bellamy should be sleeping.  He's not there. Panic rises in my throat and I begin shouting his name. Outside I continue my manic search. Then through the crowd, I spot the tufts of black hair.
"Bellamy Blake, what are you doing out here?" I shout when I reach him.
Laughing he stands up, wincing on the way.
"Easy Princess, me and Miller wanted some air." I punch his arm, furious that he could be so careless. He should be resting, but thankfully he and Miller take a hint and shuffle back to the tent.
That night, I'm in medical with Bellamy. Once Miller is asleep I decide its the best time to tell Bellamy. While tracing my fingers over his abs, I whisper, " Can I tell you something?". He nods. " And you promise not to freak out?". "Clarke your scaring me. What is it?". Without thinking the words fall out of my mouth.
"I'm pregnant." Looking into his eyes, I see tears form. A smile creeps across his face and I wait for his response. But before he can reply, Miller rolls over and says-

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