Bellamy's POV

I am rudely awoken by the sound of gunfire. I sit upright, waking a drowsy Clarke in the process. Looking left and right I notice bright flashes behind me.

"Wastelanders", Clarke says beside me. We share a worried look, then sprint to the ongoing battle. As I get closer I see what were up against. Twenty or so wastelanders, armed with guns and RPG's that rival our own. The thing that makes grounders and wastelanders so different, is that wastelanders don't fight with spears and arrows, but guns. Without hesitation, I run to the armoury and pick up a gun. The cold metal feels comfortable in my hand, and that scares me. But the adrenalin in my veins keeps me moving.

"Ready?" Asks Clarke. I didn't realise she was beside, gun in hand. My fighter.

"Ready as I'll ever be", I say, and we both run towards the chaos. This is War.

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