Bellamy's POV

I'm stood by the bar wearing the white shirt I borrowed/ stole from Mt. Weather, as well as my normal trousers. Me and Miller stand there trying to make small talk, downing drink after drink. I may be a dad, but I'm still only 20 so partying is a still big thing. Gotta live while I'm young. The party is starting to grow and the music is starting to get louder. Raven and Wick found a way to hook up the stereo and play music through the arks PA systems. Miller jumps in front and I realise I've been staring into space.
"Hey, Bellamy I'm going to go. Mel is probably looking for me", I say goodbye and stand at the bar alone.
There isn't much to do, so I get the drinks ready for when everyone else arrives. More arkers are trickling out now and the place is starting to fill up. I notice Lexa and Indra with drinks in their hands and laugh. There's me thinking they didn't need to drink. It might have broke their electronics.
Once again, I have nothing to do but stand here.
I begin scanning camp for any familiar faces to talk to but I can't see anyone. That's when three stunning women catch my eye. I must say they look incredible. On closer inspection, I blush realising one is my sister, another is someone I've slept with and the other is my wife. Clarke looks incredible in her tight white dress. My eyes are fixated as they approach looking like a force to be reckoned with.
"See something you like, Bell?" Clarke comments. I raise my eyebrows and peck her lips.
"Yeah, you look nice Raven", I joke. In return, I'm punched by all three girls. Behind them, Lincoln, Monty and Jasper and Wick snake towards us, signalling me to be quiet. All of the sudden, the boys jump on the girls back and shout " BOO!". They scream and scowl at the boys who are doubled over laughing and so am I.

*A few hours later*

The party is in full swing and hundreds of people are dancing. Loud music blares through the PA system and a few fights between groups have broken out. Our group is now joined by Miller and Mel are playing drinking games at the bar. We are all smashed but the moonshine keep on coming. I have to hand it to them, Monty and Jasper are master brewers. My mind drifts off the game as I hear a slow familiar song come on. Nudging Clarke, her eyes grow wide when she listens to what's playing.
"Its our song", she whispers. I stand up and extend my hand to her.
"Can I have this dance, Mrs Blake?" I declare.
"You may, Mr Blake." She takes my hand and we stride to the dance floor. For the rest of the song we are one. Our steps are synchronised and I twirl Clarke gracefully. I never want this moment to end, but the song does. So, content that this night has been insane and I'm drunk enough, we head to bed.

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