Chapter 27

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Bellamy's POV

"Back again, murderer!" Emerson spits, his eyes locked on Clarke. I step to stand in front of her, but I'm stopped by a gun hitting my head.
"Bellamy!" Octavia screams. My hand reaches for the point of contact and I feel warm liquid.
"Everyone hands up and against the wall", he demands.
Lincoln helps me up and I wobble over and stand beside Clarke and O. This way I can protect either of them if it came to it.
"What do you want?" I ask, trying to hide the pain in my head. Emerson strides towards me and looks me straight in the eye. He raises hi shand to point at someone, but I dont break eye contact.
"I want her", he replies. I follow his arm and find he is pointing at Clarke. My princess, my wife.
"She killed my friends, my fiancé, EVERYONE. They are all dead because of her." He turns to Clarke. "You will due for your crimes. Follow me right now, and your friends can leave. Otherwise I will kill all of them", he threatens. I look at Clarke and shake my head. Deep in her eyes I can see she's made up her mind.
"Okay, but let them do what they came here to do", she says sounding defeated.
"Clarke. No!" I protest. She walks over to me, kisses my cheek and whispers
"May we meet again", before following Emerson to her death. Before I can run after her, Kane grabs my arms. Tears well in my eyes and I'm pinned against a wall.
"We finish the mission then go after her", he tells me. He climbs off of me and without hesitation, I hit the button and sprint after Clarke.
Every wall looks the same and I find myself lost more than once. Over my heavy breathing, I hear cries of pain.
" Clarke!" I shout. Rounding a corner, I see Clarke laying limp on the floor. Bloods streams down her face. Emersons boot continues to hammer into her chest despite my presence. Anger floods my body and adrenalin forces my muscles to move. I charge and spear Emerson into a wall. My fists fall against his skin. But he gets his boots under my stomach and me flying down the hall. Then he straddles me, beating my face and chest. A thundering crunch rungs in my ears and Emerson collapses, holding his nose. Lincoln stands over his body and delivers another blow that knocks the psycho soldier out. My head is pounding, but I muster the strength to crawl to Clarke. I rest her head in my lap. Gradually, she opens her eyes.
"Hey Princess. How are you feeling?" I ask casually.
"Like I got beat up", she responds a smile.
"Thanks for saving me though", she adds.
"Anytime, Mrs Blake". I kiss her forehead and she falls asleep in my arms.

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