Chapter 23

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Clarke's POV

Every movement sends pain searing through my body. But I have to find my mum. Bellamy is holding me as I search for Abby and Kane. I've checked in medical and the council room, but she's nowhere.
In the corner of my eye, I see Octavia running towards us.
"I couldn't f-find her. Did you check in her room?" I nod and think on how stupid I have been. Octavia helps Bellamy help me, and we walk at speed to Abby's tent. Walking in, I revolt at the sight of Kane and my mum snogging.
"Mum, eww! We need you, NOW!!" I shout, whilst covering my eyes. Her and Kane look surprised, but follow us back to the council room. I slump into a nearby chair and wait for Abby and Kane to catch up. They burst into the room full of questions.
"What is going on?!" Abby asks with an angry tone.
"Skyro didn't attack us, it was a rouge group who don't want peace. The rebels are lead by a guy called Thorn", Bellamy says answering their questions.
"How do you know you can trust him?" Kane asks.
"He really does want peace. And it adds up doesn't it? He was late and if he lead the attack why was he nearly hit by flying bullets," Octavia replies. The adults consider it and nod.
"What now?" Kane says. This time, I know the answer:
"We make peace with the wastelanders and then with the help of our allies, we crush this rebellion." The people around the table look at each other and agree. Lincoln and Octavia and sent to get Lexa, while Bellamy is ordered to take me back to medical. On the verge of war, the medical tent is the last place I'd want to be. But Bellamy and Charlotte won't leave. So I'm stuck here. There are shouts outside and Skyro pushes back the tarp. Bellamy stands and tenses, even though there will be peace.
"I wanted to thank you. For getting me out." Bellamy relaxes a little.
"We both want peace right", he nods.
"Then let's go kick some ass", Bellamy says under his breath.

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