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Bellamy's POV

The mud beneath our feet squelches as the bomb group trudges back to camp. We still haven't heard from the grounders because we didn't pay attention to the cameras once Emerson showed up. He is currently being dragged along by Lincoln. Clarke rests peacefully in my arms, covered in blood. But beneath the scabs is a girl with a will to live. She has beaten death more times than I can count. However the real things that haunt Clarke are the lives she has taken to survive. All the ones she couldn't save. No matter how many times I tell her she did the right thing, she doesn't believe me. My stubborn princess.
I'm so lucky to have her and our daughter. Lottie is going to be exactly like her mum. Long blonde hair and really stubborn. To think that 2 years ago, Clarke was a royal pain in my ass. Now she's my royal pain in the ass. The rest of my life would be awful without this girl by side.
"What are you doing?" Clarke croaks, pulling me from my thoughts.
"Thinking", I reply.
"Don't do too much of that it might be dangerous". I chuckle and wipe a stray strand of hair from her face.
"What were you thinking about?" She interrogates.
"You", I answer. She raises her eyebrows, looking for more answers.
"It doesn't matter", I add.
"Tell me", she groans.
"No". I giggle at her discomfort. But then she pulls the most adorable frowny face and I can't resist.
"Fine. I was thinking about how badass you are. I am so lucky to call you my wife Mrs. Blake." At my words, she blushes.
"Why thank you Mr. Blake, that means a lot." I kiss her forehead and tell her to rest.
For once, she listens and closes her eyes.

After a few more hours of walking, we get back home, only to be greeted by the grounder army. Turns out our plan worked.
I wall through the gate and place Clarke in our bed. Then I go to find Skyro. In the midst of the crowded field, I see his tattooed head.
"Skyro!" I call out, waving my hands frantically at the same time. Thankfully, he hears and starts towards me.
"Bellamy, it worked. Thorn and the rebels are dead. How is Clarke?" He asks.
"She's okay. How are you?"
"I'm good. However the wastelanders city was destroyed so now we have nowhere to go." I feel bad, considering I just blew up the livelihood of an entire society.
"You could make a new one. There are plenty of resources that we could donate. You could even build it closer by now that we are allies", I propose. His face morphs into a grin and he nods.
"Great idea, my friend. We shall start in a few days". I'm about to answer when Miller and Jasper sprint towards me.
"Bellamy we had THE best idea ever. We should throw a massive party", they say excitedly. My eyes grow wide at the prospect of a party with all the wastelanders, grounders and arkers.
"Yes. Ask Abby and Lexa if they'll join. That would be so good," I tell them. Without a reply, they run off to organise. I just hope Clarke will be awake for the party of the century.

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