Clarke's POV
*A few weeks later*

Today, my little sister in law is getting married. I currently stand in her tent, frantically applying make up and doing hair. Raven is helping the bride with her hair and dress. My dress is draped on the bed as there is no way I could get that thing over my bump on my own. Light knocks play on the bathroom door.
"Clarke are you dressed?" Raven shouts.
"Yeah, come in!" I shout back. Raven leads the way wearing her long red dress. She refused to wear my short one because it doesn't cover her brace. Octavia peeks behind her. Tears well in my eyes when I see her. Wearing my modified wedding dress, her hair is loosely curled. Raven applied minimal make up to illuminate her features.
"O", I gasped. "You look flawless". My eyes well up.
"Don't cry because you'll get me started", she jokes. I let out a stifled laugh, then hug her tight.
"Why aren't you in your dress?!" Raven screeches. I wipe my face and compose myself.
"I can't get it over this- by myself", I gesture to my bump. A lot of jiggling and jumping later, the dress is on. Tight, but on.
"Knock, knock", a deep male voice says.
Bellamy stands in his suit and shirt, with a few buttons undone. I tut and fix it for him. Just like me and raven before him, Bellamy is reduced to tears when he sees his sister. Behind him, Wick and Miller have arrived to escort me and Raven, as Bellamy will be walking O down the aisle. After wishing her good luck, we leave the Blake's on their own.

I'm walked down the makeshift aisle by Miller and then wait patiently by the ark door. Lincoln smiles, but he looks very nervous. I would be too if I was marrying Octavia. Just above the crowd, I can see a proud as punch brother, escorting his little sister down the aisle. Bellamy cried when Octavia asked him, but it was the obvious choice. There is a collective gasp when everyone sees the bride. As the ceremony begins, most of the bridal party start to cry.
"... You may now kiss the bride". Octavia and Lincoln embrace for a passionate kiss. The crowd claps and cheers. Different to our wedding, O and Lincoln will be going straight on their honeymoon. Our little group five (Charlotte is coming) will be going back to the bunker for 3 days. Its sad we have to return so soon, but we all have key roles at camp Jaha so can't stay too long.
After the long walk, the happy couple run straight for the sea. Bell and I go to put Lottie to bed, eager to join them. Thankfully she goes out like a light. Like little children, me and Bellamy run outside and dive into the sea. The cold water is refreshing and quickly cleans off any make up I was wearing. Frolicking in the water brings back many good memories. Its nearly midnight when we stumble through the door.
"Don't make too much noise, you too", Bellamy shouts. I roll on the floor in a fit of laughter. But this pregnancy is making me really tired, so Bellamy leads me to bed.

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