Bellamy's POV

Carrying a sleepy Lottie in my arms, I make my way to see Abby. Clarke is still sleeping in her tent. I round the corner to medical and look for my soon- to- be mother in law. "Abby", I call out. As I pull back the tarp I see something very unexpected. Kane and Abby snogging. "Um, oh sorry. I'll come back later." On hearing me they both turn. "I'll see you later Abby", Kane muttered before making a swift exit. Once he was out of view, I interrogated Abby.
"So how long have you two-",
"Bellamy. Dont", she cuts me off.
"What's wrong?" She asks. Its rather embarrassing but so painful.
"When Clarke was in labour, she squeezed my hand. And well, I think its broken". For the next few minutes nothing can be heard over her uncontrollable laughter. Abby finishes with a snort and says "Let me take a look. I show her my hand, which has gone a light shade of purple. She inspects it, before stating the obvious.
"Yes, that's definatley broken". I nod. Before i walk out the door, Abby asks if she can look after Lottie for a while. I hesistate, not wanting to leave my daughter, but then I remember that this is Clarke's mum. And I do trust Mrs Griffin. Just like before, she interrupts me as I leave.
"And Bellamy. Please don't tell anyone about me and Kane." Despite her request, I will tell Clarke. Not anyone else.

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