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Bellamy's POV

Telepathically, I tell Octavia to leave. Thankfully, she understands and after a curt nod, leaves. Once she is out of hearing range, Clarke breaks down in arms. Tears stream down her face and she's sobbing so much that she can't breathe. I try comfort her but my efforts are fruitless. Eventually, with no explanation, she pulls away from my chest and falls asleep. I have no idea what could have broken a girl so strong. Turned her into some blubbering mess.

All the commotion has woken Charlotte. Just like I did with Princess, I pull our baby to my chest and hope she falls asleep. Minutes later I decide to get some food for us. I head to the bar with Lottie still in my arms and get some dried meat. Lottie happily takes it and inhales the cooked deer, as do I. When we get back to the tent, I choose to leave Clarke sleeping and leave her food for the morning. Then, once Lottie is asleep, I snuggle next to Clarke and close my eyes.

*The next morning*

Waking up this morning felt different. Even before I opened my eyes, I knew something was wrong. I blindly feel around the bed and become alarmed by a missing presence. Clarke is gone. Half naked and half asleep, I sprint through camp searching high and low. I look in medical, every tent, the bar even ravens lab. But to no avail. Where is she?! Whilst sprinting through the ark, I clash with Abby.
"Blake, what the hell is wrong with you?!" She screams at me.
"Clarke, she's missing. I can't find her anywhere", her eyes grow wide at my explanation.
"Maybe you just missed her. You know, you look in one place she looks in the other, then you both move. Let's check your tent again." She leads me back outside and past all the tents. We reach the red one and walk in.
"Clarke!" Abby and I call in unison. No answer. A clean white square rests on our bed. I cautiously walk over to it and find out its a note written in Clarke's neat writing.
I needed to clear my head and think. I'm sorry for my outburst yesterday. Tell Lottie, my mum and everyone I love them. I love you. Don't come after me.
Abby hovers over my shoulder, reading the same words I am. I look at her face and she wears the same look of fear as I do.
"Dou you think?" I stutter.
"She wouldn't. Would she?". Quizzical looks are getting us nowhere so I throw my shirt and boots.
"There is only one way to find out. Let's go find our Princess."

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