Bellamy's POV

In the morning, tension is high in camp. News has spread about our plan and not everyone agrees with it, but they know it's necessary. I can tell by the look on her face that Clarke is nervous. I feel bad that she has to walk through a mountain where she killed so many, to kill yet again. But we will bear it together. We set off and shortly after leaving camp, Lexa and her army split off. Clarke, Raven and Octavia are huddled in a small group probably gossiping and giggling about something girly. Either way I don't want to interrupt because its nice to see them having fun. I feel a sudden punch on my arm and turn to see Miller.
"What are they laughing at?" He nods towards the girls. I just shake my head and chuckle.
Walking takes along time when its towards something bad. Miller and I talk. He has found himself a girl, Mel, the one I rescued off the cliff face. Our convoy noisly hikes through the forest until the peak of Mt. Weather appears. After that everyone is silent. We head through the reaper tunnels to the intake door. Octavia's hand grasps Lincoln's to support him, and I do the same for Clarke. As we stride down the maze of corridors, i noticd the stone walls are damp from condensation. That's when we pass it. The dining hall on level 5 where the dead residence of Mt. Weather lay. Clarke's eyes crystallise with tears, but none fall. I order the group forward, but Clarke is frozen on the spot staring at all of the dead. Once the others round the corner, I embrace Clarke.
"Its gonna be okay Princess", I tell her. Seeing her this vulnerable is heart breaking for me. A wet patch forms on my shirt.
"I killed them, all of them", she mutters.
"We. We killed them". I pull away from the hug and look into her eyes.
"We will bear our sins together", I add.
Like the strong woman she is, Clarke's wipes her eyes, takes my hand and repeats:
"Together". Then we chase after the others.

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