Bellamy's POV

The only thing I see is Clarke's lifeless body being thrown to the ground. My first instinct is to run to her, but bullets are start flying everywhere. The gun jumps as bullets explode out of the barrel. Shooting on the other side of the bridge slows down and I see my chance to get Clarke. I run to her and check for a pulse. My body freezes.
"Medic NOW!!" I shout to Abby. Everyone rushes over. Someone starts CPR while everyone else tries to stop the bleeding. No matter how much pressure they put down, the bleeding doesn't stop. With a sudden burst, she starts breathing, gasping for air.
She slips back into oblivion and I take hold of her hand.
"Its okay, Clarke", I whisper to her.
Once Abby is sure her bleeding has slowed, we fashion a makeshift stretcher. There's a tap on my shoulder and Skyro tries to apologise. I react by punching him in the face. Kane wrenches me away.
"Bellamy No! Sergeant Miller, take Skyro into custody", he turns to face me.
" Bellamy, Clarke will be okay", he reassures me. Octavia pulls me into a hug and leads me back to Camp Jaha. Looking back at the bridge, I remember how the peace talks ended last time. No change there then. Its a long walk back and Clarke is in a lot of pain. I try my best to keep her calm, but to no affect. She squirms and occasionally screams. Other than burns, Princess has several gunshot wounds from the firefight. I'm so angry. Angry at her for being so stubborn and angry at Skyro for double crossing us. Mostly, I'm angry at myself for not protecting her. We have a baby, I should have been more stern with her. But I didn't. I let her run into danger. My head is pounding and my eyelids droop. All I want to do is sleep, but were not yet back at camp. We climb the last hill before camp and its metal structure come into view.
I lead our group into the field and call to the guards to open the gate. There are whispers and questions from the people inside. Raven walks over and hands me Lottie.
"What happened?" She asks.
"Skyro double crossed us. Clarke's hurt. Bad." I look into Lottie's eyes. She has spouts of Blonde hair growing on her head. I walk to my tent and put Charlotte down to sleep then go to check on Clarke. In medical, there is a dozen people helping Clarke. 7 days. We have been married for 7 days and I've already failed her. For now I stay outside looking in at all the people working to save my fragile Princess.
"You can go in, you know", Abby states. I turn and realise no one has comforted her. Clarke, her daughter, could die trying to save our people. For the first time ever, I pull Dr. Griffin into a hug. After some hesitation, she too embraces me.
"She'll be okay. Clarke's strong like you. That's why I love her." I can feel her smile into my chest.
"Thank you Bellamy. I'm glad she found you. You are good for her... Come on lets go." Abby takes my hand and drags me inside. We walk to Clarke's bed and sit either side. Her eyes open and she tries to sit up, resulting in a cry of pain.
"Don't move", I instruct her. She lays back down and takes my hand.
"Its going to be okay", I whisper whilst stroking her hair, "I wont let anything happen to you."

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