Clarke's POV

"Is this really necessary?!" I yell at the top of my lungs.
"Abby's orders and to be honest, I don't blame her."
"Keeping me in a cell won't help anything. I promise I won't run off", I retort.
"Until we can prove that, your staying put!" He demands. I knew on the walk back to camp that something was up. Firstly, the grounders helped escort me back. Secondly, as soon as we got through the gate, I was dragged to the cells. Abby said that I'm 'unstable' and should be guarded so I don't intentionally hurt myself. Back on the cliff when I saw Lottie and Bellamy I decided that killing myself would help no one. I have to make up for my mistakes. So for everyday until I die, I will work so that the dead didn't die in vain. I will thrive.
Yelling isnt doing anything, so I turn to Bellamy and start pleading.
"Please Bell, get me out of here", I ask quietly. He looks intensely into my eyes before turning and walking away. I slump against the wall, and slide down. I sit there and think about how stupid I must've looked. Then, the grinding of metal against metal makes me turn around. Blood covering his face but still looking rather smug, Emerson looks at me like prey.
"You, I will kill you", I spit.
"Undo the cuffs and let's see how strong you are, mad girl", he spits back. I don't hesitate to punch him in the face. A fresh spout of blood erupts from his already broken nose. Unexpectedly, his leg sweeps my feet from underneath me- slamming my back to the ground. Emerson let's out a cruel evil laugh and mkcks me in the face. I scramble to stand up and lay punch after punch on his face and chest. Two guards burst in and pull me off. I struggle against their grip.
"Clarke stop", Bellamy shouts. He proceeds to hand the guards a slip of paper and drag me to our tent.
"You are a piece of work today, you know that. Pack some things for Lottie." He I structs me.
"Why where are we going?"
"Your mum let you out on one condition. That we go away for a few days until you get your head straight. So we are going back to the bunker", he tells me. I smile at the memories we had on our honeymoon and realise it will be our first family holiday.
Lottie seems very excited by the commotion and I smile. This is the perfect way to feel better. I finish packing and ask Bellamy if I can go out for a few minutes he nods and tells me to hurry back. I immediately went to medical to see my mum. Abby is observing the doctors working on Emerson.
"How is he?" I question from over her shoulder. She looks then turns back to the patient.
"He'll be okay. What about you?"
"I'm okay. Better now we are going away for a few days", I says excitedly.
"Hopefully you'll come back as the Clarke we all know and love". I nod, say goodbye and go to meet Bellamy. He stands with Lottie in his arms by the main gate.

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