Bellamy's POV

The next morning I leave Clarke and Charlotte (or Lottie, as I call her) in bed and go for a walk. On the way, lots of people ask how they both are, because they heard all of the screaming. I tell that that both mother and baby are doing fine.
An hour into my hike, Kane joins me. After all of the plesantaries, he says,
"So how's the wedding plans coming along?".
"Good but I haven't really thought about it recently. You know, with the baby and all".
"I get it. I thought I'd mention it because winter is coming, so you might want to do it while the weathers still good. Anyway, thanks for your time, give Clarke my regards." With that he goes back to his guard post. I continue my walk, but think heavily on what Kane said. I definitely don't want to get married in the cramped ark. Winter was only 4 months away and I didn't want to wait a year to marry Clarke, so time was running out. Before going back to Lottie and Clakre, I head to the bar for some moonshine. I needed to clear my head. The chair I sit in faces the ark and I marvel in its structure. I'm surprised that the giant ring is still standing. In that moment I have an incredible idea. Running through the maze of corridors, I find Wick in his lab.
"Hello stranger", Wyck says from behind a cabinet.
"Wick I need a favour..."

Hello Wattpad!! Sorry its short but its just a gap filler really. 300 reads!! Thank you so much to all those who've read this story. Love you, chummies, Happy reading!!!

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