Bellamy's POV

After the talks with the wastelanders, we agreed tomorrow we will meet again at the bridge. The bridge were peace talks failed last time.
Clarke and I went straight for Lottie, holding her in our arms. Abby then stole Clarke away to medical. She emerges hours later, looking rather pissed off.
"Abby won't let me talk to Skryro. She says she doesn't trust him", she spits.
"Frankly, neither do I. They beat you Clarke", I reply. In return I get a screwy look.
"I don't want our daughter growing up in conflict. You don't have to trust Skyro, you just have to trust me!"
I think for a while before answering.
"Your not gonna stop are you?" She shakes her head. I pull her into a tight hug.
"I trust you, princess. But we will go together." At this she nods. That night, I can't sleep. I leave Clarke and check on Lottie. Happy that she is asleep, I decide to go outside. Camp Jaha almost looks deserted, with only the guards milling around. I look into the dense forest and think about how peaceful it must have been before we arrived.
"What you thinking about?". I turn to see Miller looking back at.
"Tomorrow", I tell him.
"Its a risk, but you know Clarke better than anyone. Once she thinks of an idea, nothing can sway her." He made a very good point.
"Stubborn Princess", I commented. We exchanged some more small talk before heading our separate ways. Re-entering my tent, I stared at Clarke's peaceful face.
"See something you like?", she joked. I chuckle and join her in bed, entrapping her in my arms.
The next morning, Lottie's cries wake us up. I drag myself out if bed and over to her cot. Once she sees me, her cries stop. Seeing her made me understand Clarke's need for peace. I don't want my daughter growing up in a warzone.

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