Clarke's POV

There is a rustling behind me, but I still focus in the drop beneath me. No matter how many times someone says it isn't my fault, I never believe them. I'm the one that pulled the lever to kill the grounders and the mountain men. I killed Finn and Maya. I'm the monster. Bellamy says that I was saving my people and that in Mt. Weather, he pushed the lever with me. But I went into the mountain knowing something bad was going to happen, that people would die. He didn't.
"Clarke", a deep voice bellows. I turn my head to see Bellamy doubled over catching his breath.
"What are you doing here? I said don't follow me!" I shout.
"What did you expect me to do. Wait at home while you killed yourself. Leaving me, Charlotte and everyone to mourn over you. That's not fair on anyone", He argues.
"They are all better off without me".
"Clarke, no they aren't. No one would have survived without you. You killed the grounders to save the 48, you killed Finn to save everyone and we killed the mountain men to the 48. Your hand was forced in every situation. Now please come home. I need you, Lottie needs you." His words go from a shout to a whisper. My feet are still at the edge of the cliff, jumping still in my mind. So Bellamy extends a hand.
"Please. Come home with me princess." My nickname is what brings me back to reality. It shows that Bellamy still thinks I'm the same person I was when we lived at the drop ship. For the millionth time this week, I collapse into his arms and break down. Twenty or so grounders, along with my mum and daughter, emerge from the forest.
There is a warm feeling inside my stomach. I didn't know I was important enough to have this many people search for me. I didn't know I was loved that much. Seeing every face makes me think that I can survive this. No, not just survive.
I will thrive.

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