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Bellamy's POV

The next morning, I wake up with my head in Clarke's lap. Lottie! In an attempt to reach my tent quickly, I crash into the medical table.
"Don't worry Bell. I had Abby look after her last night because I didn't want to wake you", Octavia saves while handing me some water.
" Thanks."
"No problem big brother. How's Clarke?" She then asks.
"She still hasn't spoke yet and she keeps drifting in and out of consciousness. Dr. Griffin said that she couldn't get the bullet out of her stomach and shoulder. However she should make a full recovery- eventually," I answer. Octavia just nods. After a moment of silence, I leave Octavia to look after Clarke and go to get Charlotte. Once I've collected her, I take her to the stream to play and wash, then to get some breakfast. Bit by bit, I hand her pieces of bread which she snatches and scoffs. I chuckle at the sight of her with crumbs everywhere.
"Look at you. Mucky p-" I'm interrupted when Raven bursts into my tent.
"Bellamy! Clarke's awake." Without another word, I grab Lottie and sprint to the medical tent. On arrival, Clarke's eyes flick straight to me.
"Bellamy. Charlotte," she croaks.
"Princess." Tears cloud my vision and I rush to her bedside. Clarke takes Lottie in her arms and cradles her. I begin to cry and Clarke rubs her hand through my hand.
"Hey. Don't cry. I'm okay now," she stutters.
"You were dead. I should have never let you onto that bridge alone."
"Bell, this isn't your fault. Its mine. I should have listened to you." She responds, looking into my eyes. With a smirk I say,
"Let's agree to disagree." Princess gives a halfhearted giggle, then speaks.
"Do me a favour?" I look at her scarred fave and nod.
"Visit Skyro", she pleads. At first I understamd, but I go anyway. Leaving Lottie with her, I go to the cells. Skyro sits with his head hanging, tied to the wall. Guards stop me at the door but I barge past them. He hears the commotion outside and looks at me. His nose looks broken from when I punched him. Good, I think.
"What is it?" He asks, looking slightly hopeful.
"Clarke sent me. If you say your innocent then explain what the hell happened yesterday!" I shout.
"Thorn happened. Before we left for the bridge, he and a group of rouges said that sky people brought nothing but trouble. He called me a weak leader. Both our sides fought, we won then left. He must of followed. Please believe me, I had nothing to do with this. I really do want peace." I slump down to the floor. I don't want to believe him, but his story makes sense. He and the wastelanders were late, and Thorn was an asshole.
"So what your saying is we have another enemy to deal with?" I ask him. Skyro thinks, and then nods. Great, another war to deal with.

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