Hello Wattpad!!!
5 and half thousand reads. 5 AND A HALF THOUSAND READS!! AAAHHH!!! IM SO HAPPY!! To know that something I've written has been read by over 5000 people is really unbelievable. As always thank you so much for all the support. I'm in denial that my story is doing so well. This story doesn't have the most reads but I really am grateful for you guys.

Anyway, I will do 10 maybe 15 more chapters then I will either do a sequel or write a new AU story. Please comment what you think I should do.

Just a warning that next weekend there will be no updates from Friday until Monday night as I'm on my duke of Edinburgh trip. Sorry for the inconvenience but I'll update a lot the week after to make up for it.

Love you chummies!! Happy reading!!

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