Clarke's POV

While focusing on my thoughts, I don't realise Bellamy waking up next to me.

"Morning princess" he says, yawning.

"Morning" I reply. After getting dressed, I leave our tent and look at the vast expanse of desert that lays before me. Lexa convinced us to build another camp in the dead zone. ' Take the fight to them', she had said. I remember the days after we rescued the 47, when Lexa came to camp jaha. At first I was tempted to leave her standing outside the gate, but then I thought on how similar we are. Both ready to die for our people. So I let her in. Spent the next few minutes hearing her apologise about leaving me in mount weather, and for the kiss a few days before.

" What are you staring at?" Questions a voice behind me. I turn around to see my mum looking back at me.

"Nothing" I say.

"Then you won't mind joining me in medical then".

I reluctantly follow her to the small medical tent on the edge of camp.

*later that day*

After a long day patching up cuts and bruises, I find myself laying in Bellamy's arms looking up at the stars.

" They're so beautiful" I say, in awe.

"Not as beautiful as you" He adds, staring at me.

"Bellamy Blake. Are you flirting with me? And why did you bring me out here?".

"Maybe I wanted to get you alone", he jokes. I tense as he brushes a stray hair behind my ear, then he leans in and kisses me passionately, only breaking to breath.

" I love you Clarke Griffin", Bellamy whispers in my ear.

"I love you too, Bell".

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