Bellamy's POV

I stare at the back of Clarke's head as she trudges towards medical. When I'm confident she is with her mum, I take Lottie to her cot. Clarke was restless last night, meaning I didn't sleep well either. So I take this opportunity to lay my head down.

A few hours later, I wake up to the sound of Lottie crying. In a zombie like state, I waddle to her cot and pull her to my chest. Soon enough she falls asleep again. I find it hard to believe someone so small needs to sleep as much as she does. 23 out of 24 hours in the day, she's stuck in a dream world.

Gently laying her down, I admire her features. Just like her mum, tufts of blonde hair spout from her head. Charlotte's chubby cheeks are tinted red. The only sign that Lottie is related to me is her deep brown 'doe' eyes as Clarke calls them. Our daughter also shows signs of similar traits. Spotting the tracks shows she's smart and crawling at six months shows she is a fast learner. All of these things make me love her more and I can't wait to see her grow up. Thankfully, Princess has ensured she will grow up safe and without war.

Speaking of my wife, I haven't seen her in 3 hours so I choose to seek her out. The sun is starting to set and fires are being lit around camp. Huddling around one is Clarke and her clique of girls as well as Jasper, Lincoln, Miller and Monty. Strangely, Clarke is hugging everyone single one.
"Bellamy!" Octavia calls whilst waving her hand at me. I jog over to them.
"How are you Princess?" I ask. Clarke's face morphs into one that is hiding something. I raise my eyebrows and she screeches.
"I'm Pregnant. Again", she shouts. A smile creeps onto my face and I lift her up.
"That's incredible. I'm so happy! I love you." Putting her down, our lips meet and we kiss for minutes.
"Get a room you two", my sister calls out. We all laugh and the boys mock me saying I'm so old. I laugh it off and we all head to the bar. Clarke and I never let go of each others hands as I down drink after drink. With a baby on the way, Princess is restricted to water. I drag Clarke back to outlr tent for an early night and put my head by her stomach.
"Hello little one. Can you hear me? Today you made me the happiest man alive because now our family is complete. See you in nine months kid", I finish by blowing a huge raspberry. Clarke giggles but pulls my head away and looks in my eyes.
"You are drunk. Now go to sleep cos' your on guard duty in the morning".
Surrounded by my family, I drift in to the best sleep I've ever had.

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