Chapter 44

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Bellamy's POV

Our three day scheduled trip passed by in the blink of an eye. Soon enough we are all trudging back to camp 'responsibility'. The newlyweds happily skip in front, Lottie toddles behind them and me and Princess dwadle at the back. As Lottie steps confidently, walking is gradually getting harder and harder for Clarke. Her bump puts pressure on her back and makes her unbalanced. However, the excitement is growing as the due date gets closer and closer.

Clarke is practically huffing and panting as she collapses onto our bed. Lottie decided she wanted to stay with; as she calls them- 'ucle O and anty Licon'. Adorable. But thankfully it means me and Clarke are alone tonight. However, I have a feeling it will be another boring night again. My ballooning wife flops onto the pillow and sleeps. I follow behind and snuggle up to her in the bed. Despite a good few hours sleep, the rest of the night is fitful. Clarke tosses and turns and eventually just wakes up. But its when she starts crying out in pain that I wake up too.
"What? What's wrong?" The pain must be unbearable because she can only stifle 3 words.
"Baby... Waters... Broken". My eyes grow wide and I quickly pick her up. Running out of the apartment, I notice that the guards are off duty. Typical. Everyone is asleep but it doesn't stop me shouting for help. Octavia, Raven and the guys run to our aid. Some others also come, but only to see what the commotion is about. Miller and Lincoln help me carry Clarke as Jasper and Monty clear a path to medical. Chaos ensues when we get there. I stand amongst the girls and all the boys are pushed outside. I assume the role of support, holding Princesses hand, comforting her and timing contractions.
When the time comes for her to push, my wife screams out. I have to resist the temptation to drown out the sound. Although it was only momentary, I hate seeing Clarke in pain.

My mind clears when I see my new child. Any memories of pain and loss are forgetton in this single moment. The bright blue eyes stare directly, digging deep into my soul.
"Good job Clarke, its a boy", Octavia mumbles. I cut the cord and Raven cleans the baby. I turn back to see Clarke. I stroke the hair from her face and kiss her forehead.
"Good job, Princess". Her face is pale and she looks exhausted.
"Hey Bell. No more kids for a while", she croaks. I chuckle, never letting go of Clarke's hand. Raven hands me my little boy.
"What are you going to call him?" Octavia asks Clarke, who looks at me.
"Jake Kane Blake", I say after some deliberation. Princess smiles and nods. I leave to let her sleep and show my child to the guys. Everyone cooes and ahhs at his cute little face. At around 5am, I go outside to find a huge crowd. Hundreds of people want news on their chancellor. I simply tell them that she's okay then show them the baby. I'm flattered that all of these people are awake so early just because of my family.

Just like his big sister, Jake is a very sleepy baby. He spends the rest of the day asleep in mine arms or someone else's arms. After wrangling my newborn from Octavia's arms, I go back to visit Clarke. When I get into her room, she is sat on the edge of her bed crying.
"Clarke, What's wrong?" I ask with a worried tone. She leans into my shoulder and sobs.
"Jake is going to grow up not knowing any of his grandparents. I'm the last living Griffin", she cries.
"Sshh, its okay. When they are old enough, we will tell them how incredibly strong they were. Your mum and dad, my mum- they all live on in our memories. They won't be forgotten. I promise". My voice is firm and true. We won't forget them. I gently lay her head back down to let her rest. Jake is placed in a small cot beside her and before I know it, I'm asleep too.

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