Hello Wattpad!! If You haven't understood, Clarke left a suicide note. Happy reading chummies!!

Bellamy's POV
With Charlotte still I my arms, I sprint through the forest. There are no trails so I'm running blind. There are only four possible places Clarke could have gone;
The drop ship because its safe and its home, Tondc to speak to Lexa, Mt. Weather to confront her problems or to the cliff where I proposed- to remind her of happier times. The closest and most likely is the drop ship, so I choose to head there first. Silence fills the air as the floor goes from brown to black. The ashen bodies still litter the floor.
"What happened here?" I forgot Abby was still behind me.
"Clarke, happened", I remark.
"Its totalled."
"Our Princess has that effect", I say with a smirk. "She did it to save the 100", I add. Abby just scans the destruction, but I know Clarke did it to save everyone. That's why this wild goose chase is stupid. Everyone knows she did what she had to do to save her people. Everyone except her.

The familiar clink of the drop ship ramp sounds under my feet. Pushing back the tarp, there are no signs of recent life.
"Abby, take Lottie and I'll check upstairs", I carefully hand her my sleeping daughter and continue to scale the ladder. Searching both upper levels, there is no sign of Clarke. Abby obviously sees it, as she leaves for the next possible place. I trudge after her towards Tondc.
"Where are you princess?" I muuter under my breath. Its a long silent walk to Tondc. After we've gotten through the gate I see Lexa stood among her associates. I burst through them, stopping in front of the commander.
"Where's Clarke?" I state. Lexa looks at me, bewildered.
"I don't know, isn't she with you?" I shake my head. My head hangs low and I head back to the gate.
"Bellamy wait", Lexa calls out. "I'm coming with you." Our now larger group treks towards our next destination: the cliff. Every step makes me more worried about what she might do to herself. I always thought Clarke was so strong. Abby is lagging behind and I join her. Lottie is still asleep in her grandma's arms. My mother in laws eyes look puffy and red, meaning she was crying.
"She'll be okay. I won't let Clarke die now", I reassure her.
" Clarke is still only 19, your only 20. Neither of you should have had to go through what you have". Deep in her eyes, I see a hint of regret. I don't think she wanted to send us down here. Little Charlotte finally stirs and begins screaming. Every grounder with us glares at my daughter. Abby magically pulls some food and water out of her rucksack and feeds Lottie. Shortly after, she is once again sleeping in my arms.
The grounders say they don't know where they are going, so I lead the way. I can see the cliff ahead and hear sniffles. My group shouts at me to come back, but I'm already running to the cliff. Sat there, right on the edge, crying her eyes out- Clarke.

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