Clarke's POV

My eyes flicker open as light leaks through into our tent. i shift my head to see bellamys unconcious body beside me. I watch as his chest rises and falls. How did i come to be here? In a tent with someone who was once my worst enemy? Its been 9 months since we rescued the 47 from mount weather, and despite the alliance, we are still at war with a new threat. When Jaha returned from the city of light he believed he had brought peace with him. He brought anything but peace. Now we are locked in a constant, territorial battle against the wastelanders. They are a race who live in the deserts, filtering through sand and rubbish to find some hidden utopia. We lost many of our people. This new war, however, brought me love. Bellamy often tells me how ever since he met me in the dropship, he loved me. And how seeing me with Finn made me question his very existance. I never tell him I felt the same. Nightmsre still riddles me, but every time my screams peirce the silent night, bellamys arms are there to comfort. I love him.

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