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Clarke's POV
The next morning, I wake up with the worst hangover imaginable. Bellamy looks at me with that silly smirk, taking pleasure in my discomfort.
"Screw you, Bell. Your my husband, your meant to be nice." I spit at him.
"Well dearest wife, maybe you should have been more responsible", he giggles. Bellamy throws my clothes at my head and tells me to dress. I leave our tent to see Bellamy, Octavia and Lincoln stood with bags.
"Where are you two going?" I ask Linctavia.
"Actually, you are coming with us."
I look to Bellamy for verification. He just smiles.
"Mrs Blake, would you like to accompany us to the beach?" A grin spreads across my face.
"I could think of nothing better, Mr Blake."
Excited, I practically sprint through the gate.

*Later that day*

One foot after the other, we walk for hours. The silence is littered with periods of light conversation. In yet another moment of silence, I see Octavia is trailing behind. I join her.
"Hey Clarke," She says politely.
"Hi Octavia. I just wanted to thank you."
"What for?" She asks.
"Firstly, for my wedding. Its was better than I could have done it. But also for forgiving me. What happened in TonDC was unforgivable, and you saw past it", I explain.
"Don't be. Bellamy loves you and I respect that. You saved my life more than once so I guess were even- sis." Octavia replies with a smile. I'd never had a sibling before. For the remainder of out hike, I walk with Octavia talking about life before earth. Mid conversation, we both gasp. Before my eyes lays golden sand and the deep blue sea. Earths beauty never ceases to amaze me.
"Wow", Bellamy says, echoing my thoughts. Amidst the sand is a tall grey structure.
"That's the lighthouse Murphy told us about." Lincoln states. Lincoln leads the way towards what I'm guessing is our accommodation. Pushing the creaky door, an ominous glow radiates from the wall lights. Through the darkness I see a winding staircase. The metal stairs clink as step down. In the room below there sits a grey sofa suite in front of a huge screen. Beyond that there is a kitchen and a small hallway with 4 rooms. I tour around the bunker and find a garage, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. Octavia squeals as Lincoln chases her into their room. Bellamy grits his teeth which makes me laugh, drawing his attention to me.
"Wanna go for a swim Princess?" He wonders. After the long journey I just want to sleep so shake my head to show it. Not taking no for an answer, he playfully picks me up and begins to carry me towards the stairs. I call out to Octavia for help, but she too is being carried by Lincoln. Once out the door, Bellamy strides towards the water. Struggling in his iron grip, he lifts me up higher and throws me into the sea. Water drenches my clothes and hair. I rise out of the water with revenge written all over my face.
"You will pay for that!". I jump and tackle him to the seabed, splashing Octavia and Lincoln beside us. Now we are all soaked.
A hilarious splash fight ensues and after a long day, we leave the water in the dark. Its a race to the showers that Bell and I win. Showering over, I wrap a towel before Bellamy picks me up bridal style.
"Showers all yours, O", he calls to his sister. In our toom, he throws me onto our bed. One thing leads to another and two hours later, we lay under the sheets naked. Sleep came very easily that night.

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