Clarke's POV

We don't reach the beach until nightfall. The tractor is faster than walking, but still really slow. Lottie is passed out in her daddies arms and I don't blame her, I'm exhausted as well. My eyelids feel like lead and by the look on his face, Bell feels the same way. I push the door open and close when everyone else is in. These walls hold a lot of good memories. I understand why Bellamy chose this place. Searching through the cupboards, I find some leftover food that should last until tomorrow. We could go hunting in the morning.
A pair of strong arms wrap around my waist.
"Wanna go for a swim Princess?" Bellamy whispers in my ear. Considering last time I refused and was thrown in anyway, I grab his hand and lead him outside. Charlotte is safe in her bed as we splash in the water. The cool droplets are refreshing. Its even later when we get back in the house.
Mr. Blake is forced to carry me when my legs nearly give way on the stairs. He throws me on our bed and straddles me.
De ja vu hits me like a truck because we end up under the sheets naked. Again.

*The next morning*

Its a struggle to find my clothes after our activities last night. Once im fully clothed, The three of us inhale our breakfast and get ready to hunt. Retaking the same steps we took on our honeymoon, Bellamy and I are hand in hand entering the forest. Surprisingly, its Lottie who finds a pair of tracks. Her chubby little fingers pointed out something that her parents couldn't.
"Looks like she's inherited your brains", I remark. We quietly laugh.
"You feeling better now Princess?" He asks.
"Much better. Do we have to go back?"
"Camp Jaha wouldn't survive a week if we didn't go back. They need you." I hang my head and start to feel queasy. Bellamy points at a pig and readies his spear. My stomach rumbles and I sprint for a bush, alerting our prey. A scuffle and thump follows, but I'm too busy throwing up to care. Bellamy gently pulls my hair back and I wipe my mouth.
"Do get it?" I gasp. He nods, glaring at me.
"I'm fine."
"Really? Because you just threw up. Are you ill?" He wonders.
"No... I don't know. I feel fine now, but let's stay here tonight and if I'm still sick, we'll leave in the morning." We retrieve the huge boar a d guide Charlotte back to the bunker. Its not until that night when I'm making dinner that I realise after I was sick, I felt fine. Maybe it was just some undercooked food, I reassure myself. However, that night I have a fitful sleep.
At around 6am, Bellamy gives up, drags me out of bed and sits me on the tractor.
"Your still sick so we are going home. When we get there, go see your mum straight away", he states. No matter how much I moan, his mind is set. The tractor splutters along the beaten track home and Lottie still sleeps in my arms.

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