Chapter 6

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Bellamy's POV

When you live in a community with a small population, news spread quickly- even quicker when Miller is involved. So, when I'm healthy enough to leave medical, There is a huge crowd waiting for me. It had only been 2 days since me and Clarke had found out ourselves, but somehow, everyone knew about the pregnancy.
The sunlight blinds me as I emerge from the medical tent. Octavia practically knocks me over during our hug. Jasper, Monty, Raven and a few others also come to congratulate me and Clarke. Eventually, I lose sight of her in the swarm of people asking about the baby. Over everyone I see Millers head poke above the crowd and decide to head over to him, dodging people as I go. On my way, I think on how mine and Millers relationship has changed. At first he was just some jerk who followed Murphy round. Then he was the guy who replaced Murphy. But it wasn't until he and Jasper filled my spot as leaders in Mt. Weather that I truly began to respect him. And now I consider him a close friend. Someone I can trust. I finally get close to him, and join him on the slight pedastal he's stood on. Deep in the crowd I see a flash of blonde. Clarke looks rather mortified by the amount of people who want to touch her stomach. More than that, she looks exhausted. After a few more minutes, I decide to call of the baby mob so Clarke can rest. The dissapointed crowd shuffles off and Clarke comes over to thank me. I lightly kiss her forehead.
" Tomorrow we are going on a field trip", I state. "Who's we?", she asks, curious.
"You, me and our baby". Shivers travel down my spine when I say 'our baby'.
That night, I realise the true purpose of our day out. Looking at Clafke's peaceful, beautiful face and staring at the slight bump that is our baby, I realise this stubborn but amazing woman is the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. My princess.

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