Clarke's POV

The next few weeks are as painful as the birth itself. Jake has already started teething so cry 24/7. Bell and I both take turns looking after him but its still hard. Lottie stays with O because we don't want Jake keeping her up too. But I feel really bad for her because she kind of been pushed away.

I've resumed my jobs in medical, led by Jackson of course. I'm currently training some younger doctors, to take the pressure of the current ones. The hardest part in all this is I barely ever see Bellamy. He's out training soldiers and I'm in here training medic. The only time I spend with him is the few minutes before we both pass out at night.
"Clarke its time. I'll see you later", Jackson shouts from his office.
"Thanks, see you tomorrow", I shout back. After leaving medical, I walk straight to the communal room next door. I wait outside and take a deep breath, and look inside. Lexa and her entourage are already seated at the table. Strangely, the grounders and sky people are talking like old friends, Bellamy among them.

A wave of pride washes over me. To know that something I did brought two enemies together is good. I mean sure, that thing was murder, but at least now Finn didn't die in vain. And I know my mum will look after him up there. A guard hovers over my shoulder.
"Are you okay, ma'am? You've been standing out here for two minutes." He questions.
"Fine, thank you. And don't call me ma'am. It makes me sound old", I instruct. I push the door and take my seat at the table.

"Chancellor Grfiffin, nice of you to join us", Lexa greets. The title makes my cheeks burn. It makes me sound so old I think, but nod at the gesture anyway.
"We are here to discuss trade and some other issues", I announce. It is eventually agreed that the grounders will make more axes for us to chop down wood. Then the wood will be used to make cabins for winter. We will also provide electricity to Tondc and eventually Polis aswell.
"What was the other matter?"
My heart stops. Saying this could make or break the alliance. Thankfully, Bell steps in.
"You need a quicker mode of transport than your feet. When Jaha and Murphy took over, lives could have been saved if you got here quicker". Silence consumes the room. Every sky person holds their breath as they wait for an answer.
"Agreed. Clarke I'm sorry we didn't arrive in time to save your family. Your mother was a respectable woman", Lexa says breaking the silence. Her words shock me. The normally stubborn woman agreed and apologised. I take it upon myself to leave. I don't want to cry in front of everyone. The clinks behind me tell me Bellamy is probably following me. However when I turn around, Lexa stands there.
"Clarke. I really am sorry that we weren't here to save your mother. I and many others respected her". Her small hand reaches for my shoulder and I flinch at her touch. After what happened, our relationship is still on edge. She notices and pulls her hand away.
"Thank you", she nods and leaves. However, our altercation is imprinted on my mind.

A few hours later, I go to seek her out. The mass group of grounders are heading towards the gate but I chase after them.
"Lexa", I shout. The short commander turns around.
"I'm sorry about earlier. I really do appreciate it". Then something completely out of the ordinary happens. Lexa, the cruel and ruthless leader. Lexa, who made me kill a boy who loved me. The same Lexa, hugs me, tight. After a moment of shock, I hug back.
"I'm glad we are friends", she whispers and then pulls away then leaves. I, on the other hand, stand in shock watching the back of her head.

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