Bellamy's POV

After a long day on the fence, I head back to our compartment. Its been a week since Clarke became Chancellor and I can tell that she already hates it.
I push the big heavy door and walk into our home. Boxes are still scattered on the floor because we haven't had time to unpack. In the kitchen, Clarke is slumped on her desk, sleeping. I quietly chuckle, and squeeze past her to find Charlotte.

Lottie is in her room crawling after a toy that raven made her.
"Hey little one. What have you done today?" I whisper as I sit on the floor with her. Her eyes go glossy and I know what's coming.
"No, no. Don't wake mummy." But its to late. The toddler begins to wail for no reason. I rush to the kitchen in time see Clarke wake up with paper stuck to her face.

"Morning sleeping beauty", I joke, but my tone soon changes to a serious one. "You need to take it easy. All this work isn't good for a mum to be", I tell her. My hands meet her shoulders and I massage out some knots.
"Breaks weren't in the job description. Winter is coming so we need to build huts, the wastelanders want to trade and we need to recruit more guards. There is no time for rest", she tells me.
"When you took this job, what did I tell you. I'm here for you. Anything I can do to ease the load, tell me and I'll do it". Clarke takes a moment to think, then turns to face me.
"How would you feel if I made you leader of the guard? Your good with strategy and weapons. The only things you'd need to do is recruitment, training and shifts. It would really help me out".
"General Blake. Has a nice ring to it don't you think?" She hugs me tight and thanks me over and over.
"So does general Blake get to work closely with Chancellor Griffin?" I say with a devious smile.
"If he wants to", Clarke says before pulling me in for a long kiss.

Lottie giggles in the doorway, making us both look. I gasp as her little legs waddle towards us.
"Lottie, good girl", Clarke exclaims. We both engulf her in a hug. Our one year old just took her first steps! I guess earth makes you mature quicker.

Unfortunately, our little family moment is interrupted by a knock at the door. On the other side, Lexa stands in front of her entourage.
"Bellamy, is Clarke there?"
"Princess, Lexa's here for you", I shout. My flustered wife rushes to the door carrying Lottie.
"Lexa, what is it?" She asks with a smile.
"I wanted to offer my congratulations and invite you to a meal tonight", the tough commander replies.
"Actually, the chancellor is taking a night off. Will tomorrow be okay?" I answer for Clarke, who shoots me a glare. Lexa, although slightly taken aback, answers politely.
"Tomorrow it is. See you then". With a flourish of her cape, Lexa leads her grounders away.
"I can't believe you said that", Clarke giggles once the door is closed.
"Your too stressed to go out. Its my turn to keep you tonight", I reply.
"Sounds tempting". I pick her up bridal style and lead her into our bedroom. I throw her down onto our bed, but remember Lottie sat in the front room.
"One second", I say holding up a finger. Lottie calmly sits on the floor, sucking her fingers. Her cute chubby cheeks are pulled into a smile when she sees me. But her eyes look tired. I take Lottie to her room and put her in the cot. Within minutes, she falls asleep. Excited by the prospects, I run back to my room.
" Oh Clarke", I say with a devilish smile. But my face drops when I only see my wife fast asleep. No fun for me tonight.

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