Chapter 29

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Clarke's POV

At sunset, I wake up to the sound of muffled chatter. I emerge from my tent and see people milling around carrying buckets. The grounder army and wastelanders all wait at the gates. A familiar boy with black messy hair walks past.
"Jasper! What the hell is going on?" I shout.
"We are preparing for the party of the century, my chum. Monty and I are making our biggest batch of moonshine. Go see Octavia and Raven, I think thy have a dress for you", he announces. Before I can thank him, he rushes off to prepare. This party is going to be huge. But thinking about hundreds of drunk arkers, grounders and wastelanders make me think that someone will get hurt. Three teenagers walk past carrying a large table. They look like they are struggling so I rush over to help them.
We wobble around until there us enough space to put it down.
" Clarke! There you are. C'mon we have to get ready", Octavia says, bursting through the crowd. She grabs my wrist and drags me into her tent. Various dresses in different colours and sizes lay on her bed.
"Choose one. Raven is wearing this red one-" she holds up a long red gown, "- and I'm wearing this black one. Don't choose one that will clash", she instructs. I nod and browse the fabric. A bright, short dress catches my eye. I point at it.
" That one. When are we getting changed?", I ask.
"In an hour." I nod, thank her and leave. Upon the realisation that I have nothing to do for an hour, I walk back to my tent to check on Lottie.
"Lottie", I announce on entering the tent. She coo's in her cot. I pick her up and cradle her in my arms.
"Did you have a good sleep, little one?" I ask her in a baby voice.
"Yes you did. Yes you did", I answer for her.
She giggles and gurgles.
"Ad, ada- d. Da-" she stutters.
"Yes. Lottie say it." I encourage her.
"Da, d- Dada", she finally says.
"Yes, Lottie your first word". I rest her back in her cot before clapping and doing a victory dance.
"Having fun there princess?" Bellamy remarks mockingly.
"She just said her first word. She said Dada and you weren't here", I reply with a frustrated tone.
"Really? I can't believe I missed it!" His face is one of regret and I can't help but feel sorry for him. I pull him into a tight hug and he kisses my forehead.
"Are you going to the party tonight?" I ask him trying to avoid the subject.
"Indeed I am. Speaking of which, we should get ready because the party is in a an hour." He tells me.
"Oh god, I'm meant to be with Octavia. Look after Lottie, I have to go." Without another word, I sprint to Octavia's tent. Bursting through the flap, I see Octavia run to me.
"There you are, you're late!" She shouts. I hold up my hands and she drags me over to my dress.

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