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Right before Bellamy and the rest of Spacekru leave for the Ring, he and Clarke sleep together. When he comes down six years later, he's surprised to find Clarke alive...
Vampires Don't Exist by moralaevolo
Vampires Don't Existby moralaevolo
Vampires Don't Exist, I repeat they don't exist. They only appear in nightmares, horror movies, and bad teen novels. Vampires DON'T exist.
Earth Binding by The100_bloodreina
Earth Bindingby The100_bloodreina
The command of the grounder government is collapsing. The clans and commander realize one commander isn't suitable to lead 12 clans. Fixing the problem won't be easy. Co...
Promise by tegs_13
Promiseby tegs <3
Arranged marriage AU- Clarke, the princess of Arkadia is forced to marry a man when her father, the king, gets terribly ill. She has to choose between two very important...
complicated | bellarke by bellakru
complicated | bellarkeby ☾ L ☆
bellamy and clarke are great leaders, and turn into close friends. when they both want something more, things get complicated.
Soulmate by AwayWithWriting
Soulmateby Amelia
When two people who hate one anothers guts are trapped, with only each other for company, words are spoken, sins are forgiven and feelings change. And what will happen...
The princess and her rebel by SkinnyLove2922
The princess and her rebelby SkinnyLove2922
Clarke moves to a New City to start a new life. Her main focus is college. But she got secrets and a past that she left back in Wahington. Bellamy Blake find himself in...
The Great Wanheda by Multi-Bellarke
The Great Wanhedaby Multi-Bellarke
Most The 100 fan fictions are normally high school or based on the storyline....what if it was a mixture of both?? Minus the 2headed-deer and reapers of course... Clark...
Greyhound Bound for Nowhere by LexiLindale
Greyhound Bound for Nowhereby Lexi Lindale
Short FanFic (my first attempt!) of Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin. She's leaving the boy she loved behind, because he loves someone else. She's going home to find the...
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The 99 by dunno46655
The 99by dunno46655
"If you so much as scream, I promise, I will kill you. I'm already wanted for one body, so I've got nothing else to lose." Surprising vehemence leaked into Cla...
Because of You by dunno46655
Because of Youby dunno46655
Bellamy Blake is the school's infamous blackguard, reputed for his bad attitude and disagreeable behavior. He's worlds different from Clarke Griffin-the Honor Roll Stu...
Soulmates: Bellarke by myprincess_the100
Soulmates: Bellarkeby myprincess_the100
When siblings Clarke and Lincoln Griffin move to a new city, what will happen when they meet Bellamy and Octavia Blake?
Hidden | A Bellarke Story: Book 1 by lyc_morel
Hidden | A Bellarke Story: Book 1by lyc_morel
Clarke is four months pregnant. One night Clarke and Bellamy were drunk and Clarke got pregnant. The first month she didn't know that she was pregnant, but after she's b...
Permanent Love • bellarke by bellamysgun
Permanent Love • bellarkeby Lara
Bellamy Blake along with Alexa and Raven Bass work for their families business. The young man already has a love interest, but everything changes when he meets a beautif...
No strings attached by komsskaikru
No strings attachedby BellBlake
Bellarke ~~ Clarke just moved into her dorm for her first year of college with best friend Raven. The girls roommate, Octavia Blake, happens to be the younger sister to...
Coffee, Love and Other Drugs - (Bellarke AU) by jordazfen
Coffee, Love and Other Drugs - ( Jordan
MODERN AU <> MILD LANGUAGE WARNING Modern AU where Clarke Griffin comes across a new barista in her favourite coffee shop, but he can never seem to get her name ri...
Bellarke ; Recluse by katsmcnamara
Bellarke ; Recluseby hola im jay
Bellamy Blake is Hollywood's newest break out star! Countless among countless of fans want to meet him everyday. While Bellamy most of the time enjoys the spotlight, he...
our place // the 100 by ElizabethLSullivan
our place // the 100by Eliza Sullivan
Bellamy and Clarke find themselves alone in a bunker after escaping the grounders. They manage to find their place together on Earth amidst fighting with each other, th...