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Clarke's POV

Pain sears through my head as I'm beaten over and over. I can hear the blood pounding in my head.
"Tell me!" My captor demands. He wants me to tell him where our defense is weakest, but I'll never say. Frustrated by my ignorance, he drags me back to the cave. After being thrown to the ground everyone rushes to my side.
"Clarke are you okay?". "Did they hurt you?". Questions are thrown at me like balls.
"I'm fine", I tell them but I still don't attempt to sit up. The wastelanders leave us alone for a while so I guess its night time. Taking advantage of the rest bite, I sleep. Its hard to get comfortable when everything hurts, but Bellamy's arms help. Only hours later, I wake up in a sweat. Nightmares riddled my nap. I dreamt that the wastelanders took my family as a price for the tractor. That's why I'm stuck in this dank cave. Because the junk heap we found, and took from, was the wastelanders. All this over some pathetic items. The door opens and a bulky man enyers, follow by other armed men.
"My name is Skyro, leader of the wastelanders. And you-" he points at me, "are Clarke, leader of the sky people". I stand in shock. How do they know my name? Bellamy pushes me back, shielding me.
"What do you want?" He sternly asks.
As we wait for a reply, I study Skyro's face. Tattooed on the back of his head are eyes, so he metaphorically has eyes in the back of his head. His face is covered in scars that tell the tale of a hundred battles. Confront by such a violent looking man his response surprises me.
"I want peace." I scoff.
"Peace! You gave up the chance for peace when you attacked us." I shout from behind Bellamy. Skyro look at me, like I swore.
"Nevertheless, too much blood has been shed on both sides. If its peace you want, we could discuss that." I finish, not breaking eye contact.
"Hold on Clarke, these people beat you!", Bellamy objects. Skyro turns to one of his associates.
"Thorn here, wasn't working under my orders. I apologise for any distress he caused," he spits. I nod and tell Bellamy to stand down. Skyro leads me and the others out of the room and towards peace.

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