Chapter 8

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Clarke's POV

*9 months later*

Both me and Bellamy agreed that the wedding should wait until after the baby was born. He said he didn't want me stressing over the baby and a wedding. It was now the middle of May and there was a good feeling around camp.
There are still infrequent attacks by the wastelanders, but we always crush them. I hope that soon they realise we are stronger and then they'll leave us alone.
My bump is now huge. Me and Bellamy are anticipating the arrival of the newest Blake and Octavia can't wait to be an aunt. Abby excused me from my medical duties a while ago, so during the day I nap, stay with friends or go on a walk around camp. Lexa and I meet up often to discuss the wastelanders, hostile clans and trade. Other than that, I do nothing. Bellamy goes to hunt most days and when he gets back he walks with me. Thankfully, he can deal with my mood swings.
On this particular day, I wave Bellamy off at the gate and go to nap. My stomach has been aching for a week now. Mom just says its because the baby is getting bigger. When I wake up, I'm in agony. But it is momentary and the pain passes. Once its subsided, I decide to go on a walk. I travel to the fence and walk its perimeter and after about 10 laps, I decide to visit my mom. Halfway there, the pain returns. This time it stays and my pace quickens.
"Mom!", I call when I reach medical.
"Clarke, what is it?".
"My stomach!", I scream.
"Clarke, stay calm. Your waters just broke." Panic rises in my throat, what if Bellamy isn't here when his baby is born.
Mom runs to get Octavia and Raven to help with the birth. She returns with them both behind her. She starts telling me about contractions and pain relief, but I'm zoned out. Pain in searing through my body. When people say child birth is the most painful thing ever, they aren't lying. Over my screams, I hear a shout. "Open the gate!". I look to Octavia and she reads my mind. Sprinting, she screams at Bellamy to 'get in here'. Finally, I see his tanned face pop in the doorway. Once he realises what's going on, he rushes to my side.
"Clarke, honey, I need you to push now."

Bellamy's POV

Clarke's screams echo throughout camp. She squeezes my hand so hard it hurts, but as long as it helps her I don't mind. The minutes pass, when finally the next Blake is born. Abby takes it away to weigh it.
"It's a girl", she says, placing my little girl in my arms. Looking down at her little face, she looks so fragile that I'm sacred I might break her. I pass her to Clarke, then watch in awe as my two Princesses meetvforbthe first time. That's when the tears start. I embrace the two women who are now my life, as well as Octavia.
"What are you gunna call her?" Raven asks.
After pausing for a second, Clarke says
"Charlotte Anya Blake." Beautiful.
"I love it."

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