Clarke's POV

With once last glance at the lighthouse, I load my things onto the tractor. We set off and it trudges through the forest. Despite missing Lottie, I loved this trip. It was peaceful, yet so fun. Having Octavia and Lincoln there made even more so.
"Did you enjoy yourself, Princess?" Bell says with a smirk.
"Yes, I loved it", I answer, hugging him.
We hold hands and talk about what we will do when we get back. Bellamy says he's going to build us a hut for our family. O and Lincoln are perched on the front of the tractor. One of the front tyres hits a boulder sending Octavia down into the mud. She gets up, brown from head to toe. Me, Clarke and Lincoln are in stitches when we hear a gunshot. We each draw our weapons and look for any threats. That's when I see him. A wastelanders holding a rather large gun pointed straight at us. I push Clarke and O behind me shielding them, only to realise that we were surrounded.
" What do you want?!", Lincoln shouts.
"You stole from us, and it's time for you to pay!".

Sorry for the cliffhanger. Happy reading chummies!!

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