Bellamy's POV

There's a painful kink in my neck when I wake up. A satisfying crack echoes when I move my head. Clarke, Jake and Lottie are still asleep, so I leave to check checked on the guards. But there are no guards, in fact no one is any where. Its just me, Clarke and Jake and Lottie. Panic rises in my throat. Where is everyone else? Where is Octavia?
"Help! Is anyone out there!" I shout. Turning around, I see the back of a head. Long brown locks wave down to the shoulders, reminding me of Octavia. But its not Octavia, because when she turns around I recognise her immediately.
"M-Mum", I stutter in disbelief.
"Hello Bellamy. God, look at you, your so strong now", she says, her hands cupping my face.
"How are you here?" I want so badly to believe she really here, but a part of me knows she can't be.
"Your smart enough to know the answer to that", she replies. I do know. This is only a dream. I feel a cold hand on my shoulder. Abby stands looking back at me.
"Your a good kid Blake. Look after my daughter and grandchildren. Tell Clarke I'll always be here for her and that I love her". I nod and turn back to my own mother.
"Your so much stronger and braver than I could have imagined. The way you've protected Octavia is incredible. I love both of you. I'm proud of you son".

I'm proud of you son. Those last words repeat over and over in my mind. I slowly open my eyes to find Clarke's staring intensely back at me. She wipes the tears off my face and pulls me into a hug.
"Did you have a nightmare?" She whispers. "No".
"Then why are you crying?", she wonders.
"Because I want it to be real". I tell her about my dream, delivering the message from Abby. It sounds crazy, but I believe they really did send me a message from wherever they are. By the time I finish, Clarke and I are both emotional wrecks. We sit by her bed, in each others arms just crying. We finally stop when Octavia walks in. She looks confused, but tells us we can leave medical. We hastily pack our things and carry a child each. Back in our compartment, tidying is our first priority. In the rush to get Clarke to medical, I knocked everything over. Even little Lottie helps out. We put the kids to bed, then flop onto ours.

Sorry it's late. Sorry it's short. I wasn't feeling well today. Only 3 chapters left before this story is over, please comment on what I should write next. Love you chummies!!

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