Clarke's POV

*3 days later*
"We need a way to distinguish the rebels from normal wastelanders so they don't get caught in crossfire. Maybe a unique tattoo?" Lexa suggests. For the past hour we have all been crowded around the table in the council room, discussing how to get rid of the rebels. Ideas like ambush or negotiation are being thrown around. Bellamy and I are leaned against the wall at the back. Abby wanted me to stay in medical and rest, but these talks were important, so I discharged myself. No one is giving any good ideas.
"What about the missile? From Mt. Weather? They have four silos so there must be some left." I say. My idea settles in the room and everyone goes silent.
"Our allies have already fled the wastelanders city so only the rebels are left," I add. Bellamy looks at me.
"A group could go to Mt. Weather, launch the missile and leave. Grounders could wait away from the land zone and kill any survivors. It would mean minimal casualties", he says backing me up. The leaders all agree and begin planning if anything goes wrong.
"So who's going to Mt. Weather?" Kane asks. My hand shoots up as does Bellamy's, Octavia's and a few others.
"Clarke are you sure?" Bell whispers in my ear. I understand his concern but I need to do this. For myself.
"Yeah I'm sure", I answer. After that we decide that tommorrow we will meet at sunrise. Lexa and her army will approach the wastelanders city and tell them to sign a treaty or be killed. If they agree, then there will be no war. If they don't agree, my group in Mt. Weather will blow them sky high. I leave the adults to finalise everything and head back to my tent to pack. Lottie begins to stir. I take her into my arms and cradle her. I feel bad for leaving her with so many different people when she's so young, but I won't rest until I know she will grow in up a world that isn't ravaged by war. Bellamy's arms snake around my waist.
"You don't have to go tommorrow. You don't have to prove anything to anyone". He says quietly.
"I not proving anything to anyone but myself." I spit, twisting out of his arms. He flashes me a look of anger, but his face quickly softens.
"I'm sorry. But seeing have that breakdown at the drop ship just made me worry", he replies. I hug him, saying sorry over and over. Thankfully he hugs back.

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