Chapter 42

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Bellamy's POV

The next morning, I wake up to the sound of coughing and choking. Stumbling out of bed, I realise its coming from the bathroom.
"Clarke", I say softly as I open the door.
"You don't need to come in here", Clarke responds after spitting. I move across the floor and crouch next to her.
"In sickness and in health, remember". She smiles, but whips back around to face the toilet. I carefully pull back her hair. The bump that is causing my wife's peril is growing bigger by the day. Her stomach just peeks under her T shirt.
"Not that I wouldn't love to stay here and watch you throw up, but I have people to train". I help her up then go to get dressed. Lottie starts to cry, but Clarke beats me to her. After kissing my special girls on the forehead, I head to train the new recruits. Stepping outside, fresh air floods into my lungs. By the main gate, Octavia and Lincoln are getting ready for their morning run to Tondc and back. Every day at sunrise and sunset, they set off for a jog. Where the get the energy from, I have no idea.
I'm proud of the person my sister has become under Lincolns care. At first I felt threatened and was scared that I was loosing her. But Lincoln has made her stronger and better. I respect him for that, even if we still aren't the best of friends.

This morning seems different though. Winter winds are starting to blow through so its getting colder, but Lincoln is sweating like a pig. He looks really nervous.
I shake the thought from my mind and approach the group of teenagers and testosterone fuelled men gathered by the armoury.
"Okay guys, let's kick this off with a gentle warm up".

*Later that day*

I stand facing two posts with squares carved into them.
"... Once you have a solid stance, push the gun to your shoulder. Aim and fire. Its as simple as that". I hand the gun to a skinny teenager as the men start shooting one after the other. Many miss, but after a few more tries they hit the target. Whilst trying to focus, I'm distracted by the arms snaking around my waist.
"Princess, I'm working", I say.
"So am I, but I couldn't resist", she replies with a devilish smile. Lottie waddles behind her mum on her chubby legs. Her arms reach up to me and I pick her up.
"Your getting big, little one". Octavia and Lincoln run back through the gate huffing and panting. Despite the look of exhaustion plastered on her face, O kisses Lincoln and runs over to us with Lincoln not far behind.
"Guys. Guess what?" Before we can answer, O shoves her left hand in our face.
"I'm getting married!!" Clarke and O have a moment of screeching and dancing. Lincoln looks like he's scared of me, so I extend a hand.
"Congrats dude, or should I say brother", he awkwardly laughs and we man hug.
We all switch, I hug Octavia and Clarke hugs Lincoln.
"So when's the wedding?" Clarke says, her eyes lit up with excitement.
"In a few weeks", Octavia squeals. Before we know it, they run off to find the other members of their clique to spread the news.
"Lincoln, I could use your help with something", I remark, breaking the silence.
"The new recruits need to learn hand to hand combat and also how to use other weapons, could you help out?"
"Only if you would be my best man. Your kind of my only guy friend here", he blurts out. I'm both surprised and flattered by his offer.
"Sure, it'd be an honour. What about Miller and Jasper and Monty?"
"They are more usher type material", he answers. We laugh and then go to teach the trainees.

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