Chapter 11

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Clarke's POV

The wedding draws closer and closer. In 3 days I will get to marry the love of my life. Lottie has rapidly grown in the last few months and is already crawling. Thankfully, Octavia took charge of planning the wedding when I made her my maid of honour. Raven and Harper are also my bridesmaids. There's now a certain buzz around camp. Lexa and some grounders will be arriving for the ceremony. Bellamy was hesitant at first when I invited them, but he has now warmed to the idea. If it wasn't for lexa, I wouldn't have a dress. As a gift, she took me to the ice clan who had some white fabric that Abby fashioned a dress out of. I mostly planned invites and Bellamy sorted out rings and our honeymoon (which he won't tell me anything about). Considering we have a daughter I don't know where we could go. Other than that I just have to wait. Tomorrow me and Bellamy will be separated per Octavia's rules. She said something about tradition. So currently I lay in Bell's arms, trying to savour the time I have before we are taken to celebrate in different ways. We look up at the stars like we did the night before everything changed. Lottie is with Abby so we can have some quality time alone.
"I wonder what Miller and the guys have in store for me." He remarks.
"Whatever it is, be careful. I dont fancy something bad happening on the big day."
At that he giggles. When I dreamt about my wedding as I child, I thought it would be traditional. I would walk down the aisle with my father. A tear rolls down my cheek, which is soon swept away by Bellamy.
"Hey. What's wrong?" He asks, wearing a look of concern.
"When I used to think about marrige, my dad would always be there on my wedding day. But he won't. Neither will Finn or Wells or your mum. All of the people we've lost to gain peace. All of the people we've lost just to get to earth." I whisper between sobs.
"Yes, we've lost people we love on the way and I miss them too. But I wouldn't change it for the world." He reassures, but I look at him.
"Why?". " Because everything we've been through brought me to you". In the brief moments that follow, we just look into each others eyes. Then we kiss for longer than we should. Without realising, we fall asleep in each others arms.

The next morning, I am woken by the sound of a horn. Through the glaze of sleep still in my eyes, I see a small group walk through the gate.
"Morning Clarke", I hear Lexa say.
With a yawn, I return the greeting. Her and her group- that includes Indra, Andu, Nyko
and others- go to set up their tents as Bellamy and I head to collect Lottie. The rest of the day we spent together. As a family. Then, around 7 in the evening; Lincoln, Miller, Jasper and Monty took Bellamy away. He kissed mine and Lottie's forehead before reluctantly following the group.
"Have fun!" I called after him.
"Oh, he will." I heard a voice behind. Turning, I see my bridal party striding towards me.
"Tonight we will be playing with the 2 M's- Makeovers and Moonshine", Raven said.
I laughed, but worried if I could take care of a child whilst drunk. Maybe I won't be drinking too much tonight.

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