Clarke's POV

The small silver pin glints in the sunlight. I stare at this small thing, that means bears so much responsibility.
"I can't. I'm not a leader, they won't listen to me." Looking at the people milling around and think on how I couldn't possibly lead them. I'm not respected like my mum, or strong like Kane. This time Bellamy speaks up.
"Clarke, people do listen to you. This morning you told people to get back to work and they did. A week a go, people put faith in your plan. You can lead these people-" he takes my hands in his, "- and I will be here every step of the way."
"Its what Abby wanted", Jackson reiterates.
I take another long look at the pin. A small crowd gathers, anticipating the inevitable. With a sigh, I look to the sky and take the pin from Jacksons palm. For you mum, I think. Bellamy adjusts the small piece of silver on my jacket. The crowds erupts in claps and fits of happiness upon finding their new leader. Some grounders stood outside the fence even cheer.
"Let's go inside to sort out some other formalities," Jackson states. We follow him inside as well as some of our squad.

"I'm sure you know what responsibilities a leader takes. Speeches, creating rules, trading and things like that. Abby was still working at medical so you could do both. Here is a guide Abby made." He hands me a small black book. "And in there is your office," Jackson points at a large guarded door. "Good luck, Chancellor Griffin". Leaving those words hanging in the air, he starts to walk away.
"Jackson", I call to the back of his head.
"Thank you, but don't call me chancellor, it sounds weird. Call me Clarke. And as my first act I'm making you chief of medical". The tall man smiles, nods then leaves. I step towards my office and the guards salute. I roll my eyes and shake my head. I hate this job already.

On the other side of the heavy door is something I didn't expect to see. It my old family compartment. The family pictures still hang on the walls and cupboards are fully stocked. A tear rolls down my cheek as I remember that I alone am the last ever Griffin. I continue my search through my home and find a large desk in the kitchen, littered with notes. There are still two bedrooms, mine and my mums. I enter my room and notice that everything was cleaned and tidied. Abby must have done it while I was in the skybox. Seeing everything gives me an idea. I turn to Bellamy, who still hasn't left my side.
"We could move in here. You and I could sleep in here, and Charlotte and baby #2 could sleep in the other room", I say. Bellamy smiles at my excitement.
"Great idea Princess, we could move in today." I jump up and down, giddy with excitement. Sitting outside the door, Octavia, Lincoln and everyone else agrees to help us move. I'm so excited to finally sleep in a real bed.

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