Clarke's POV

Early in the morning, Bellamy wakes me up. I wait by the gate for him to pick up the supplies. When he returns, he's juggling a gun, a backpack and a weird black box.
"Do you want me to carry anything?", I said through giggles.
"I got it princess." But as he tried to swing the bag on his back, he dropped everything. While uncontrollably laughing, I bend down to pick up the bag.
"Ready?", Bellamy asks. I nod and, hand in hand we walk into the forest.

*3 hour time lapse*

Almost 3 hours into our journey, Bellamy tells me stop. He pulls a blindfold out of his bag and continues to cover it over my eyes.
"Is this really necessary?!", I remark.
"Absolutely", he replies. Bellamy then proceeds to take my hands in his and guide me forward. Moments later, we stop and he removes the blindfold. The view takes my breath away. We stand on a cliff that overlooks the whole forest. Lucious green fills my vision and I can even see the sea.
"Its beautiful", I exclaim. Bellamy just stands there with a smug grin on his face, looking rather proud of himself.
"Thank you", I say to him.
"No problem, Princess". For the next hour we just sit on the cliff, taking in the view and talking. Talking about the ark and those first few months on earth.
"Do you remember when you got really drunk on unity day? I was worried I'd have to carry you to your tent", He says, laughing.
"Shut up!", I say. In the moments that follow, we just sit their giggling. But the black box still sits on the floor. Curiousity takes over, and I need to know what inside it.
" Bell, what's in the box?". Without a word he stands up and picks it up. Unlatching the top, he lifts the lid and I gasp.
"Is that-", " An earth made stereo", he interrupts. Its sleek black appearance is incredible. Buts that's not all. He places the stereo on the floor and presses play. Sweet violin music begins to play. I close my eyes and closely listen to the symphonies. Opening my eyes, I see Bellamy has extended a hand waiting to dance. Despite living on a spaceship, Bellamy is a really good dancer. He delicately twirls and leads me like he's done this before.
"Having fun Princess?", He's asks as he pulls me into his chest.
"Yes. I never want this moment to end", I murmur into his chest.
"Well, I think I can beat it." Just like before, he twirls me out and let's go of my hand. After turning off the music, he takes a knee. There's a rustling in the trees that averts my attention. But when my gaze returns to Bellamy, he holds a silver ring in his hand. Oh my god, I know what's coming.
"Clarke Griffin. Ever since I first set my eyes on you in that doomed drop ship, you have been my everything. Rumour has it that 97 years ago people used to do this before having a baby, but oh well. I love you and need you. I promise to protect you and our child with everything I have, if you will marry me?" Bellamy preaches, before taking a huge intake of breath. Just to torture him, I pause for a while.
"Yes!", I cheer and he embraces me and kisses me passionately. "I love you Bell". "I love you too, Princess." I hear rustling again and worry a fight may ruin this moment. But then Octavia, Abby and countless others appear in the shrubbery, all cheering and clapping. Surprise- Surprise, they saw the whole thing.

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