Clarke's POV

Twenty people, as well as Bell and I, were now huddled by the gate. Raven and Wick are looking after Lottie while we are out for the day. Our peace party set off, our steps in sync. The hike takes us past the drop ship. Seeing it makes me go into meltdown and I can't move. Bellamy's by my side attempting to coax me back to reality. Memories of Finn and Wells cloud my vision.
"Clarke!", Bellamy shouts. My vision returns and I notice the crowd that has gathered around me. My cheeks heat up. I clear my throat and keep walking, ignoring all the eyes on my back.
"What was that about earlier?" Bellamy says wearing a look of concern on his face.
"Seeing the drop ship. It just-" the words get stuck in my mouth.
"I know, I know." He responds, before kissing my forehead. Bellamy takes my hand and leads me towards the bridge. I must say, Raven's bomb did its job. The bridge is still black with soot and the railings have been manipulated by the heat. On the opposite end of the bridge lay skeletons covered in ash, just like the ones that surround the drop ship. Now all we have to do is wait.

*Later that day*

Everyones eyes dart to the other end of the bridge when we hear rustling. Skyro emerges with his entourage. Thorn is nowhere to be seen.
"What took you so long?" I shout as I approach him.
"We had some communal issues. Not all of my people agree with what we are doing." He replies and I nod.
"We have some terms," he starts. "You must stay away from our areas, anywhere past the lighthouse you found is forbidden." He finishes. Some of his men begin to protest, but Skyro waves them off.
"The wastelanders cannot attack us and we are allowed to keep the tractor. You must also stay away from our land. A violation of these terms will result on conflict." Skyro processes my words and formulates his answer.
"You are a strong leader, Clarke of the Sky people." He extends his hand, but before I shake it shouts erupt from the trees.
"Screw peace!" I have no time to react before a grenade lands at my feet.

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