Chapter 41 - Extra

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Harry smiled at her, rolling his eyes a little. "I will eventually hire someone to cook for me."

"Of course. What King cooks for himself?" Julie grinned, "but what King lives in two different homes?"

Harry pursed his lips, "go introduce yourself. I think I will keep you."

"Think? Hm. You knew from the moment I offered my services." Julie looked around the Castle. Looking up at the high walls covered in paintings. "Which ever being you decided to cook for you, I will live with them. Please make sure they are beautiful."

Harry snorted, "you are supposed to play doctor, Julie. Not become a pair."


"Anyway, I already have an omega in mind."


Harry straightened his jacket, "and he is beautiful."

Julie smirked, "good." She wandered away from Harry, letting her heavy boots take her through the sparkly Castle floors. Julie dragged her feet, hoping her dirty boots dirtied the clean marble.

She'd never been in the Castle before. She wondered what the inside looked like since she was a child.

It was as impossible to imagine, as she thought. Larger than life.

She was hoping to live here but understood clearly that it would not be happening. Julie would live in a regular home like she always had.

Hopefully the omega she would be living with was very, very beautiful.


"What is so special about Zayn?"

Niall tilted his head, confused, "I am sorry?"

"You like him. I am just curious why."

Niall's pale face turned a bright shade of red, "does he know?"

"He is an idiot if he does not," Julie rolled her eyes. "I am a better alpha; I can assure you."

Niall smiled softly, "but you did not catch my eye first."

Julie rolled her wrist, groaning, "I guess he is handsome."

"And strong and kind."

"Oh, you have just not seen me in combat, sweet omega." Julie smirked when Niall looked away, smiling. "Go on, beautiful." She sighed softly, "you are healthy as can be. I am not surprised."

"Thank you, Julie." Niall stood up, going around the table to kiss her cheek. "You would have been my second choice."

Julie rocked back in her chair, watching the omega leave. She licked her bottom lip, taking a deep breath.

Second choice.


"May we help you two?"

Julie looked up the length of the two guards. "Uh, yes. Move."

One of the alpha's smirked, dimple dipping into her cheek, long curly hair pulled back in a ponytail. "No."

"I am the King's doctor and you must be new. Move."

"And I am the King's guard, and I am not new, and that is a stranger." She pointed at Liam nervously holding onto Julie's arm. "Now that we all know each other, you may enter, and he may leave."

"He lives with the King now, guard," Julie spat. "Elements. Can you move? Ask the King if we can enter. Ask whoever you want, the answer with always be 'move'."

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