Chapter 11 - Nesting

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"Mm," Louis frowned, changing back into flesh. He growled at himself, "I cannot do this!"

Niall sighed softly, this being Louis' fifth time trying. "Are you concentrating?"

"Obviously!" Louis fell back, naked, against the itchy grass. He watched the low clouds float by, "I hate being a wolf."

Niall looked back when Liam crossed the grass. He nodded once at his omega and Liam nodded back. "Good." He looked down at Louis, "he cannot stay changed for more than ten minutes."

Liam knelt, touching Louis' thigh, "why do you not like to transform?"

Louis touched the grass above his head, unfocused, "why do I have to change?"

Liam put a hand on Niall when he sat as well. "Let us take a moment. May you sit up, Louis?"

"Yes," The omega did, grabbing the robe nearby. He covered his front with it, playing with the silk arm.

"Why, truly, do you not like to transform?"

"I –never went to school to learn. My hands," He looked down at his soft fingers, wiggling them. "My hands make art –my skin is art." He breathed, "I can do more like this –I am more powerful like this. Humans," He swallowed. "They always have skin –flesh, and they love their skin. They are capable of more with these." Louis held up both hands, "I like myself like this. I transform when instinct kicks in, when I need to be fast."

Niall rubbed his hands over his thighs, "but –you are a wolf, Louis. There is a reason you transform when instinct kicks in. It is in your DNA, in your blood. Being a wolf," He smiled, "is beautiful. It is an experience –it is everything to us."

"To you." Louis shrugged softly, "I do not think it is wrong –everyone is different."

"Our Queen," Liam started, "has to transform. Every Arizella Queen has, it is just right. We are wolves, you are a wolf. You must try at least, my Queen. If not for yourself, then for Arizella –for your King."

Louis pouted, goose bumps growing on his arms at the mention of Harry. He looked down at the grass, removing the robe. Louis shivered, feeling his bones crack and snap at odd angles. He growled low, shaking his light brown fur against the wind. Louis crawled around, feeling the dirt underneath his paws. The wolf rolled on his back, looking up at the sky again, mewling softly.

"Your fur is beautiful, my Queen." Liam smiled at him, leaning against Niall. "You are small and quite lovely to look at."

"Yes, I have to agree."

Louis whined delicately, laying on his side. He licked his paw before resting his head on it, becoming sleepy.


"Sh," Julie laid Louis down gently, rubbing a fur against his cheek. "You are fine."

Louis still cried out softly, smelling Harry immediately. "Harry..."

"I am sorry to have woken you but it started raining and we did not want you getting wet." Julie ran a hand through his feathered hair, "our King is still with Council."

The omega rolled over, nudging his nose into Julie's thigh. "When will he return?" Louis grabbed Harry's fur, covering his face with it.

"Remember that our King will not return today."

"Mm," Louis whimpered, "Please call him for me."

Julie sighed, "He is to be very busy, omega. Phones are limited, there is one in his office. We will have to wait."

The omega breathed harder, whining, crying. He felt vulnerable after falling asleep as a wolf, "please..."

"Sh," Julie scented him lightly and Louis calmed. "Darling omega, relax. We will call as soon as we can."

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