Chapter 14 - Elements

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"My King." Niall walked over to them when Louis noticed he was being fed the last of his food. "Would you like me to take him upstairs for a while?"

"I have him." Harry had been rubbing his stomach for a while, making the food settle properly, "unless he wishes to go?"

Louis nodded quickly, "just to breathe a moment."

"Okay." Harry stood, making Louis stand as well. He kissed his cheek, "take your time."

The omega bowed, grateful, "thank you, Harry." Louis took his flower then Niall's hand, happy to be whisked away from the bustling crowd, but not from Harry. He chewed his lip when they approached the stairs that were blocked by two guards.

Niall waved his hand and they both moved aside, allowing them up. Louis looked back, blinking, "Niall."

"Yes Louis."

He looked around, seeing no one upstairs, "no one is up here?"

"Upstairs are all bedrooms and offices; they are personal, and our King does not allow anyone upstairs.

"I see." Louis breathed once they reached Harry's bedroom. He took in the smell, inhaling bits of Harry, seeing as the King had slept here recently. Louis set the flower on the mirrored dresser, "Do –do the guards not like me?"

"Hm?" Niall took him to the bathroom, sitting him on the cushioned bench inside. "The guards?"

"Yes, they did not seem happy, but they had smiled and spoke to me earlier."

Niall chuckled, "no, they do not like me." He looked at Louis in the mirror, "many of these beings hate us."


"Liam, Zayn, Julie and I."

"Why?" Louis watched Niall remove his crown, fixing his hair. "Did you do something?"

"Yes, we chose to stay by our King's side in his home instead of here." He pursed his lips, "and they are jealous because Harry loves us –and they know this." The blonde massaged his shoulders lightly, "not all of them hate us, but most –jealousy is quite ugly. Our King has made sure that we are treated as Royalty. I could flick my wrist and they would run." He helped Louis stand, "but we prefer not to engage with anyone in this castle, they are not worth the time. As long as they keep serving Harry, that is all that matters."

"Harry loves you all very much."

"He does."

The omega looked down at Niall retying his sandals, "why would he ever think to threaten you, any of you –or to harm you?"

Niall sighed softly, "a King must be a King, he must have order. We never take it personal; they are terrifyingly empty threats. He has threatened to put Liam in the hole, as soon as he sees a tear in my omega's eyes," He smiled, "Harry melts. We are his only family; we care for him on another level."

Louis rubbed his dress, stomach sticking out slightly from the food, "I wish I could sleep." He wiped his eyes, "we will have to sleep here tonight."

"You will."

He pouted, "I do not want to, I am worried about Thumb."

"I will make sure he is fed, and his cage is cleaned." Louis hugged him, surprising the blonde omega. Niall cautiously hugged him back, "it is not a big deal."

"It is," Louis could fall asleep right then, "it really is. Thank you."


"Louis," Harry came into his bedroom, finding the omega in his bed, Niall stroking his hair. "What happened?"

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